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The Sicilian Clan
John Zorn Lyrics

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One of my favorite guitar pieces ever... just super expressive and original phrasing

Arturo Noches

This version is simply The Best


Bellissima interpretazione!


Yep. If I had the album I could read that on the sleeve. I remember Zorn was popular with my hipster friends back in the 80s. His other album, The Big Gundown was all-Morricone. A good vein to mine and revisit. Doesn't get dated. Frisell is one of my favorites.


Magnifique version reprise de Morricone bien-sûr. Le film avec Gabin et Lino Ventura est excellent. (ça n'a rien à voir mais dans le genre référence morbide j'adore la pochette de l'album tirée d'une photo du célèbre Weegee) !

Marvin Thiessen

Brilliant song from an older era.

Simon Predj

Naked City is a band, not just John Zorn, you should change the title. The rest of the musicians are as impressive. Bill Frisell is playing the guitar. C'mon!

Owen Kilfeather

it's a John Zorn arrangement, and he has a different version under his own name on The Big Gundown with Marc Ribot on guitar. everyone knows the bossa Sicilian Clan as the John Zorn version.


This album was released under John Zorn's name

channel three

Had many memorable nights with this album accompanying ...

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