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Something is Wrong
"Jesus Christ." (the indie band) Lyrics

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Phantom Planet Burn me down if that's how everything's gonna start With the…
Vitamin X Business, competition Greed and destruction - And where is…

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Comments from YouTube:

uncle redd

Jesus denied peter 3 times. In the bible, peter denied jesus 3 times. Yeah, great easter egg.

The Midnight Wqlf

I don't know why... But I think Peter's trying to tell us that the bird is the word.....

Izzy G.

The hilarious parts is when he shouting at the camera!

Jessica Tessier

I love how he just started singing the bird is the word and that just got suddenly mad. xD

Joe Merek

Peter: you've come to bring us the good word Jesus: what word Me: JESUS NO!

Catam Vanitas



peter: you've returned to bring us the good word
jesus: what word?


I just love when Peter began to sing that song he suddenly got mad xD

Freitag T15

In Utero-Nirvana poster 👌


I got scared at the end ':-D hahahahhahahahha

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