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by Larry Kaplan

1. Blue skies, white clouds, fish jumpin' in your hand
What a day to be fishin' ole Nantucket sound
From the island up to the mainland

Get me my fiddle we'll sing all old songs
You take the high notes, and I'll take the low
Good times and hard times, there all worth the telling
It don't matter to me that you sing 'em that well.

2. I remember the days when you worked for a living
Pulling hard just to get back to shore
And you busted your back and you didn't get dinner
we don't talk much of that anymore
3. Stayed up with the old folks, fell asleep to their stories
Played a tune to the hollerin' wind
Sang a song while the children were put away warm
And the night tides came rollin' back in.

4. Worn out, smellin' of bait,
Come home when the wind blows you home
And the sun over west chalk, the warm summer breezes
Make you think that things never will change.

(repeat first verse)

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Spartacus Rex

Musk acts like an alien, while Bezos and Zuckerberg look like aliens...

The Fine Sigma

you are a legend


@Sandvich Master is thier new episodes?

Sandvich Master

@Shannon Perkins bruh I'm watching American Dad right now

Rhonda Wileman


Vincent Mugendi

No Musk try to act Like human.

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Anthony Caruso

Olivia let me tell you when I was a teenager I was walking our dog out next to the Ohio river as my mom and sisters were getting into the car. I looked out to the water and right in front of me to the left. I saw a giant round flat top like ship that nearly span the width of the Ohio at one of its widest points. It didn’t make a sound. I was so astonished that I just said out loud teach me. Right after that I heard the sounds of jets and I turned to see two jets coming from the direction of Wright Patterson Air Force base in Ohio. I turned back to see the ship start rising and heard the jets turn their after burners on. I watched the ship tilt up to about to a 70 degree angle and without a sound it sped off, with in a couple of seconds it was gone. I turned back to watch the jets started laughing and said good luck. I yelled out to my mom and said did you see that she said I don’t want to talk about it and went into the house. And I could never get her to talk about it. Now I don’t know if it was one of ours, a Russian or Chinese or what but I will never ever forget what I saw it was fantastic.


That is incredible! Just recently I've been hearing more and more, about alien ships coming out of bodies of water, and they are here on earth, with us. I want to know about aliens so badly! What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing!

Trysten Silver

NASA became a privately owned organization, immediately after this announcement.

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