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Dick Greenhaus is looking for words to "Ballad of the Ko Vah Nee"
(K. C. King, where are you?)
Full text to "Barry's Boys" (Mitchell Trio)
Song beginning: "Come all you young fellows with hearts that
Beat high/ March onward to conquer, to do or to die... "
Complete words to "Red Fly the Banners, O!"
Spike Werner wants more verses, complete words to "Pay Some Attention to me Sam"

Sue West wants: All the versions of all the Child Ballads. Also song with line:
"The petals fell from thr rose of York"
"The petals fell from the Rose of York"

Susan Friedman wants any songs anyone has about mythical

Edith Lux wants: the other version of Stewball (Jus' bet on
Stewball, and you may win etc.)

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Ana Zbogar

Best parts of the video to me:
0:25 - Ringos smile
0:26 - Pauls cringe smile
0:34 - Paul and George start bouncing
0:45 - Johns teeth
0:54 - 'WINK'
1:11 - Now John, Paul and George start bouncing
1:13 - Ringo smiles again
1:17 - Ringos head
1:41 - Georges look
1:44 - Georges confusion
1:51 - They bounce AGAIN
1:56 - "Here John, some snow!"
2:09 - Paul gets fake snow in his mouth

And in the whole video: Ringos umbrella

Oh I love these guys ❤❤❤

All comments from YouTube:

bong bing bing bong

Everyone with their instruments:

Wayne Anthony Holmes



LMAO your comment made my day !!!!!!!!!



Maria Gonzalez

Can you post a video🎥 of your dog or do you not have one

bong bing bing bong

@Ascher same

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"When I was younger, so much younger than today"- The Beatles are eternal anyway! ❤️🙏

Xavier Girard

So logic!!!

Omar Cruz


Good Morning New Zealand

@amanda leyva m

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