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`Ulalena Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by `Ulalena:

Ocean We try but Avalon is always beside me And I'm falling…

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Comments from YouTube:

jah Jah

I really enjoyed listening to this is there anyway you can do a presentation on the kumulipo

Sheldon Bernabe

All day

Maddie MF

This is where it merges with Lemuria

Maddie MF

Shed that Sickness!!!!!!👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽


Wea can get one solid leaning on the kumulipo without enrolling in college?

jah Jah

are we STILL THE SAVAGES? That was so 1800... ugh. Its inferiority complex with some projection about who THEY ARE....


Earth is flat and we knew it. That is why Hawaiians had such a dominant ocean faring history. While the white man thought he was going around a ball, we knew we were on a flat circular enclosed system with a dome over it. The Sun, Moon and stars are set inside this dome aka The Firmament as it is written in the Bible.


@Jada Juan the Tribe of Napthali


@Jada Juan Somebody needs to look into history before spouting off nonsense. All ancient cosmology depicted a flat earth. It was not until 500 years ago did Copernicus come up with the Heliocentric Solar system THEORY! And just so you know im a christian too? (Joshua 10:12) why did Joshua command the sun and moon to stop? Why not command the Earth to stop spinning?

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