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`Ulalena Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by `Ulalena:

Ocean We try but Avalon is always beside me And I'm falling…

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Kimo Villon

‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe,
E ta ua ‘Ulalena.
Kahito maila i uka,
I ka nani o Pi’iholo.
Ua like me ka ‘opua,
Noho maila i ‘Awalau.
Au a’e nei ka mana’o,
E pili me ke aloha.
Aloha ‘o Makawao,
I ka ua ‘Ukiukiu.
He tiu na ka Naulu,
I ke tula o Kama’oma’o
‘O ka loa ka’u i ana,
I ka ‘oni o ka lihilihi
Ilihia iho nei loko,
I ka ukana o ke aloha.
Ha’ina mai ka puana,
Maka’ituana he inoa.

Where are you,
Oh ‘Ulalena rain,
Adorning the uplands
Amid the beauty of Pi’iholo
Like the billowy clouds
That grace ‘Awalau,
My thoughts are drawn
To being together
with my beloved.
Beloved is Makawao,
In the ‘Ukiukiu rain.
A watcher for the
sudden Naulu showers,
Over the plains of Kama’oma’o.
I measured its whole expanse
With but a fleeting glimpse.
a thrill has overcome me,
From the effects love.
Let the story be told
A name song for Maka’ituana.

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Lia De Souza

@rowelle Yes! It has been on itunes and Amazon.Com Mp3 downloads for about a year now. I have recently left the show as well, but it is still going strong and I come back to perform from time to time. Mahalo for your support!

Nikki Narwhale

I love 'Ulalena! Thanks for putting this on! I haven't seen the show in 2 years, I'm dying!! But I'm glad I can listen to this song!


As of right now, you can't download the song anywhere (legally at least). I called the Maui theater asking if they could sell the soundtrack on iTunes and the lady I spoke to said she didn't know how to do it, lol. But Lialia is right, HAPA does NOT sing this song. It's from the soundtrack of the Ulalena show which is great. I'm from Hawaii, but now live in Seattle and when I go back every summer to Maui, I always see the show :) It's beautiful!


I've seen Ulalena about 9 times maybe 10...and it seems to mean more to me each time I see it. Getting to meet the cast afterwards is icing on the cake. Niko in the percussion square ROCKS IT!!!!

JaCkRhInZs ZnIrYoRkCaJ

love dis song.. i performed dis when i join d ms sk last 2003.. and im proud to say that i win this talent.... mabuhay....


I love this song!

Natsu The bHaddIe


Natsu The bHaddIe

omg i remeber when i went there xd

clarence montalvo

the show was the best and this song made me cry its so beautiful cant wait to see the show again

Natsu The bHaddIe


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