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Mandy Buehler

She don't know that
I'll be on my way
So very soon
She don't know that
The way that I'll be raised
Ain't nothing cool
Unexpected strike
Was made one winter night
I'm due in June
Tell her I'll be fine
Please don't give me time
It's for me to choose
And if they call me on a silver cloud
Asking how I got here
I'll tell them I'm just feeling proud
To even get to stop here
Some never get the chance to choose when they should even exist at all...
Don't make me live!
Don't make me live!
Don't make me live!
Don't make me live!
Don't make me...
Momma keep asking for grandkids
But I just can't please her
I'm scared of this world, this world
The times can feel so icy cold
That it's hard for our hearts
And our minds to keep warm, keep warm
My bed with a young woman crying
And wondering if fate will bestow her child
File for divorce or just wait for a while
And "a while" becomes life
And you're left with looking back at the smiles
Back up the files, back 'em up now
Back 'em up just in case I meet my child
Just in case I meet my future denials
I can have a few songs, I can sing for a while
In this insane asylum
Full of pointless violence
I look to my own father's guidance
He laughs in my face
When I plead him my case
And says, "You ain't the only one frightened."
Don't make me live!
Don't make me live!
Don't make me live!
Don't make me live!
Don't make me...

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Jason Greene

This is a masterpiece. By far the most beautiful song ive heard in years. And Gubbi90 I completly agree


"He laughed at my face as I pleaded my case and said 'You aint the only on frightened" gives me chills every time.

Anthony Hjalmarson

When I first listened to this song when it came out, I didn't quite realize that Wrek's verse is from the point of view of the unborn child and Bernz's verse was from the perspective of the expecting father, but I loved it... Once I listened more intently and realized what it was about, it's an even better song. MAYDAY always comes through!

Linda Lucier

Anthony DeLillo by

Senor Serpiente

Alex Sandoval no Wrek is first

4str4l R0n1n

Anthony DeLillo u got it back wards wrek is the 2nd verse

seth chasinghawk

2018 and this is still my favorite song


R.I.P Stevie P...... suicide sucks but at least I'll always remember you by one of your favorite mayday songs....one love brotha missing ya more an more


I've listened to this song +10 times and I still can't listen through the first 1½ minute without nearly breaking down in tears. Absolute art - one of the most poetic and meaningful songs I've ever heard, just like its sequel. 

Samb Aa

Man I've been listening to this like once every day for a long long time, hundreds of times. Still getting shivers every god damn time. Snowy night, moonlight glowing of the snow and this together will break you down to pieces.

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