Lando's Jam
¡Mayday! Lyrics

Landos jam
Head in the clouds but I'm making my way back down
Looking for high ground now I'm making my way back down (b-b-b-back down)
Call it a numbers game, but who is the groupie? ay?
Writing for reasons that I'm still to understand one day
Use me throw me away, leave but ask me to stay
I'm so confused I guess I'm used to it in some sick way
Sittin' dreamin' of pace, feigning for airplanes
Mean while my momma waits for flowers on her bir-birhday
And thats of course to date, I can't forget the source today
Been flying in these clouds so long, you'd think I had a bright red cape
To the winners go to spoils
Money go make money till have not to have no morals
Some speak of things like souls
I watch the cherry burn until that cherry is no more
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, watch out cause I think that they smell blood
Turn it up in the dead of the night when I nose dive back home for fun
With a light and a match and a secret stash, I wont be here for long
It was fun while it lasted, got to get back to the sun

(Hey, alright, yeah, alright)
Head in the clouds but I'm making my way back down (back down)
Looking for high ground now I'm making my way back down (back down)

(Yeah, its a long way down)

Flying a mad man just run around the world getting plenty of back bands
Keep my head above the water, swimming in that land just singing the scan
So much I know they even wanna give me a cat scan
I wouldn't want to dream this life away, but I'm feeling that my head is in a vice today
And the price you pay is a life to stay, on the license plate, but there's a price to play
See I don't think so, but they kill it when you think slow
One last chance just to kill it when the ink slows
One last dance, imma kill it with the link flow
Kinko, cold copy with the pink note, think no
Just another one of these old schemes
So break bread, with the dreams so me?
Don't know what I'm running for but I'm?
Looking at the stars?


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Comments from YouTube:

Tom E Three

This song is a great one to start the day out with... Puts me in a great head space... Thanks MAYDAY... love you guys...

Cara Collins

I wish this song had another verse or two. I love this beat.

gidep ghosin

man, im starting to love this band, heard like two songs i thought were ok and everything else a banger.

Thatatx g

Love it, Truly I love this.


Still jamming this in 2017 😲

Morbid Killa

He should land on his toes when running and vaulting a rail... Don't drink 'Monster' too, it'll mess you up... Other than that a great tune and video...

John Stamos


נתי חסיד Nati Hassid

can't stop bumping that album! and what they did with Tech on "Klusterfuk"? = WHOA!!!


Love this of my Favs from TMTYL. These guys are soooooo talented!!! Plex is so HOT!!! love the BEARD!!!

Cara Collins

I love it, but it needs to be longer! Love the beat! Love the lyrics, I just want more!

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