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by ¡Mayday!

With these Roaches, Roaches

I'm trying to see the big picture tonight
I'm trying to see my life looking down
I used to think all that would last
Until it all came crashing down now
Brick by brick, building back, till it fits, after I
I'll be stronger, I'll be ready, can't break this

This is for family and kin folk
Ryan and Rene
This is for uppers, and downers, and those who hide today

I used to have it all, now I'm rolling with these roaches
With these Roaches, roaches
Rollin' with these Roaches, roaches
Roaches, roaches, roaches
But it's still potent, potent
Used to have it all, now I'm rollin' with these Roaches roaches
Used to have it all, now I'm rollin' with these Roaches roaches

Okay, wake up and I take this
Higher than I've ever been, hoping for a safe trip
Better get medicine, need it for the basis
Everything I've ever been, lost in the Matrix
I've been sick sicker then Enemy, gotta know
This is high priced life, we live a little, let go
In a minute this little gimmick will dim and open a clinic
It's definitely giving up when the world's so cold
Wake in the morning, remember when we used to be so free?
Now you're just so frozen, and you've been saying that you just don't need me


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