Prologue: So Happy
‘Into The Woods’ 2022 Broadway Cast Lyrics

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Once upon a time
I wish
In that same far off kingdom
More than anything
Lived a young Princess
More than life
The lad Jack
More than footmen
I wish
And the baker with his family

No, I miss
I wish
More than anything
More than the moon
There, there
I wish to sponsor a festival
More than life
I miss
The time has come for a festival
More than riches
And a Ball
I miss my kingdom up in the sky
More than anything
I wish we had more room
Play, harp
Another room

But despite some minor inconveniences, they were all content

I never thought I'd wed a Prince
I never thought I'd find perfection
I never thought I could be so happy
Not an unhappy moment since
I didn't think we'd be this rich
Not a conceivable objection
I never thought we'd have a baby
I never thought I could be so happy
I'm so happy

Happy now
Happy hence
Happy ever after

We're so happy, you're so happy
Just as long as you stay happy
We'll stay happy

Not one row
Pots of pence
With my cow
Little gurgles
Darling, I must go now
We should really sell it
Where's the cheesecloth?

Wishes may bring problems
Such that you regret them
Better that, though
Than to never get them

I'm going to be a perfect wife
I'm going to be a perfect son
I'm going to be a perfect mother
I'm going to be a perfect father
I'm going to see that he (she)
Is so happy

I never thought I'd love my life
I would have settled for another
Then to become a wife
Then to be set for life
Then to beget a child
That fortune smiled
I'm so happy

If only this cottage were a little larger
I will expand our quarters in due time
Why would we expand when we can simply move to another cottage?
We will not move, this was my father's house, now it will be my son's
You would raise your child alongside a Witch?
Why does he always cry when I hold him?
Babies cry, he's fine, you needn't hold him as if he were so fragile
He wants his mother
I can't take care of him all of the time
I'll care for him when he's older

We had to go through thick and thin
We had to lose a lot to win
I ventured out and saw within
I never thought
I'd be so much I hadn't been
I'm so happy

Oh, my goodness
Are you all right?
I think so
And the baby?
Yes, he's fine, are you all right?

You, have you done this to our house?
Always thinking of yourself, look at my garden
What of your garden?
What has happened?
I was thrown to the ground, I saw nothing
What could do such a thing?
An earthquake
No earthquake, my garden has been trampled, those are footprints!
Who could do such a thing?
Anything that leaves a footprint that large is no "who"
Do you think it was a bear?
A bear? Bears are sweet
Besides, you ever see a bear with forty-foot feet?
A dragon?
No scorch marks
Usually they're linked
Very, very possible

More than possible, their fears would prove to be well founded

Into the woods
It's always when
You think at last
You're through and then
Into the woods you go again
To take another journey

Into the woods
The weather's clear
We've been before
We've naught to fear
Into the woods, away from here

Into the woods, to find a giant
Into the woods to Grandmother's house

Into the woods
The path is straight
No reason then
To hesitate

Into the woods
It's not so late
It's just another journey

Into the woods
But not too long
The skies are strange
The winds are strong
Into the woods to see what's wrong

Into the woods to slay the giant

Into the woods
To shield the child
To flee the winds
To find a future
To shield
To slay
To flee
To find
To fix
To hide
To move

To battle
To see what the trouble is

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of "Prologue: So Happy" from Into The Woods reflect the various characters' desires and wishes in the kingdom. It begins by introducing the young Princess, Jack, the baker, and their families, highlighting their individual longings for something more in their lives. They each express their wishes and dreams, emphasizing that they are content but yearn for something greater than what they have.

The characters express their happiness and surprise at finding joy and fulfillment in their current circumstances. They list the unexpected blessings they have received, such as wealth, marriage, and children, and express gratitude for their happiness. Despite minor inconveniences, they are content with their lives and grateful for what they have achieved.

The characters reflect on the consequences of wishes, acknowledging that they may bring problems but ultimately are better to have than never to fulfill them. They express determination to be perfect spouses, parents, and family members, striving for happiness in their lives and for their loved ones.

As the song progresses, there is a shift in tone as the characters face challenges and uncertainties. They encounter disruptions in the kingdom, hinting at potential dangers lurking in the woods. The lyrics convey a sense of foreboding as they contemplate venturing into the unknown to confront a giant and protect their loved ones, symbolizing the unpredictable nature of life and the necessity of facing difficulties head-on.

In the final verses, the characters prepare to embark on a new journey into the woods, acknowledging the risks and uncertainties that lie ahead. Despite the challenges and dangers they may face, they are determined to shield the child, face their fears, and find a way to overcome the troubles that threaten their happiness and security. The song captures the characters' resilience, bravery, and determination to confront obstacles and seek solutions, embodying the theme of facing adversity with courage and unity.

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Written by: Stephen Sondheim

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