ギルガメッシュ~Girugamesh~ Lyrics

Feeling should disappear

Like a beast without love
The waist is shaken intense
Since there is such a thing
All people are troubled by despair

Die in prison

"Hey you!! why do people fall in love?"
"Yes It will be for damaging and betraying"
Break altogether!!
Even if what will be there
Nobody is already stopped

Die in prison

Yokubou koukotsu mei sou ranzatsu
Kasanaru kanjou mayoi mawari kudake ochiru

Feeling should disappear

Die in prison

Yokubou koukotsu mei sou ranzatsu
Koisa suru kanjou nandomo nandomo surechigau

Kizukiage kowasu kurui tsuzukete kono mi wo kogasu
Kasumi iku honnou kousa suru kanjou
Shinjiru na... Kizu wo okasu dake

Die in prison

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Comments from YouTube:

Galactic Orchid

Started listening to this in 2009, and still listen to it now.


I'm in love with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*

Warren Moua

agreed man! totally! i call them in this stage the "dark age" haha bc everything they made was so fuckin heavy and well so much aggressive! I remember this before they went mainstream haha man they were cool lol

Yogi Yahya

My headbang song by Girugamesh , YEAH \m/

manhaefaz 4434

finally found it :D


I hope my brother shawn reads this lol


@AudienceKiller66 I used to think he was saying "Saw your face off"

Femto91 / フェムト

I do too :) When Giru were at their height. Now theyre kinda meh imo


kanste mir pics von den schicken die schaun ja mal specig aus


I came here because the song was named Goku

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