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Lazy Afternoons
下村陽子 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 下村陽子:

Song of Mana ~Opening Theme~ Jag hörde En nostalgisk Sång någonstans långt borta Den rör…
メインテーマ 時は忍び足で 心を横切るの もう話す言葉も浮かばない あっけない KISSのあと ヘッドライト 点して 蝶のように 跳…

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Comments from YouTube:


This song just reminds me how quickly and drastically life changes. We aren't kids anymore. Everything is going

Tyler Wilkinson

@Erdall STAR You are spot on, my friend

Erdall STAR

It doesn't have to be that way. We can still control time, regardless how little free time we have. I mean, for me, life is way better taking it way more slowly than just urging everything in a fast, tedious pace, just for the sake of it! I learned such simple thing quite the hard way, but trust me, you'll enjoy waaaaay more almost all things in life.

There are also many ways to enjoy life, we gotta learn how to get the best job possible (even if we have to take the entrepreneur way, why the hell not, instead of a miserable, over exhausting job or studying for something we'd love to work more on), learning new stuff to grow both profesionally and personally, having a healthy family and relationships ... There is hope, I know this very well because there are so many options out there that I learned a loooot, and found on my own, things to do in a different and better way, you just have to keep searching until you find a proper answer for you in this life.

Have hope, things can change in our own and enjoy life back as we used to.


Dan D

Back when we didn't have to worry about exams and work. The only thing that stressed us out was not being able to turn our PS2s on and continue the story. I listen to this soundtrack, the original KH, Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and Final Fantasy X daily. Obviously not all in a day, but a few songs here and there. I make covers of songs, I hum them in my head.

I'm glad I didn't realize these games would be such a part of my life as a 20 year old. I just thought they were fun and exciting as a kid. Never did I ever think they would be a part of me now, but they are; and they will be for the rest of my life! These are the games I will first show my kids when I have them because I want them to have the same nostalgia growing up towards them as I do now!

Sit back, close your eyes and think of when you were a kid running around Twilight Town as Roxas/Sora. The background music was just another song to you that accompanied the world you were in. Now think about how that song simply brings you back to all of those memories, just from a few notes.

Music is amazing, isn't it?


@Dan D Well, sometimes it's nice to feel nostalgic, and I'm glad to have those memories. I wish you the best!

Dan D

@SOSAHEY I still feel this way. I probably always will


You commented this 7 year ago. I was 13 playing this game. But now I'm 20 and I'm almost crying in a bus.


@Dan D Really ?!!
What a coincidence !


@Dan D I wish you happiness man

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Evan English

The summer of 2006 was pretty great, wasn't it?

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