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Sinister Sundown
下村陽子 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 下村陽子:

Song of Mana ~Opening Theme~ Jag hörde En nostalgisk Sång någonstans långt borta Den rör…
メインテーマ 時は忍び足で 心を横切るの もう話す言葉も浮かばない あっけない KISSのあと ヘッドライト 点して 蝶のように 跳…

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Comments from YouTube:


This is one of my favorites from KH2FM. The song has deep serious undertones but sounds very bouncy at the same time. Really great.

Terry the very not smart

I love this song yet I've only played KH2 once at a friend's house

Egg in the shell

Thats the beauty of ms yoko's music for ya <3


Have you played more yet?


I love this and the original KH 2 version!! It's so catchy!

The Wolf Ace

@Michael2987 Wish you luck!

The Wolf Ace

@Michael2987 Yeah, I remember trying a good 20 to 30 times before I finally gave up. I'm very tenacious.

The Wolf Ace

@Michael2987 Don't blame ya. Heck, pretty sure I would do the same.

The Wolf Ace

@Michael2987 Hope it goes well!

Dasher 353

@Fadli Hermawan I believe this is also the battle theme for twilight town of Re:Chain. It sounds more like the original KH2 version though.

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