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The 13th Struggle
下村陽子 Lyrics

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Song of Mana ~Opening Theme~ Jag hörde En nostalgisk Sång någonstans långt borta Den rör…
メインテーマ 時は忍び足で 心を横切るの もう話す言葉も浮かばない あっけない KISSのあと ヘッドライト 点して 蝶のように 跳…

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Axel:Simply amazing, Roxas.
Roxas: Axel
Axel: You really do remember me this time
the fire ring appeared surrounding roxas and axel
roxas used oblivion and oathkeeper

Tony Redgrave

"I'd rather we just skip the formalities.."
"The first to run out of time is the loser."
"A challenge, is it?"
"Do you know the rules?"
"You play the game quite well."

"How could you...Roxas"
"That's SORA!"


I remember this is the first kingdom hearts song I ever listened to, at the time I thought it was just so so amazing, and it grew to be the most memorable song, along with the unforgettable main leitmotifs of course.

Tbh the song itself gave me a whole other expectation on the game, I remember thinking the games would have a more final fantasy 7 kind of feeling, kind of... Dark?? Like, a serious calm and emotional tone and stuff.

I visualized a battle that was JUST like if you combined the huge epic fight in hollow bastion/radiant garden and that weird 2nd area in kingdom hearts' End of the world with this song. The box cover art of the games also influenced alot what my expectations were.

And the whole style with also a bit of legend of Zelda feel too it, I remember I also thought there was going to be a big fire area or something with typical bright and soft RPG sky colors, idk how to explain it.

But this song is probably what represents what I love about kingdom hearts, what's most memorable to me is the organization and their story.
What just really "met standards with my vague epic expectation" was Axel, he's probably my favorite character in the series, got it memorized?

Along with him the most "Kingdom hearts style" stuff in the games are destiny islands, traverse town, hollow bastion and twilight town... I guess it makes sense since it's most of the non-disney stuff in the games.

I haven't played KH3 yet btw

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There's just something about that violin and piano. It perfectly emphasizes the Organization's sad existence, or "nonexistence" technically.

Bastian Okamiro

Oh i know the reason!
The way the melody of the piano and violin go in this track feel like they never finish properly, like they are half made melodies, just like the nobodys of the organization feel like half made people..

B/D.M Kevin Blanco

but it's technically a forced sad nonexistence, you know

the world that never was, soundless prison, hall of empty melodies, proof of existence, altar of naught, where nothing gathers

it's like: Xemnas do you wanna make everyone depressed?


Nah, it’s most likely their epicness.

Link Skywalker

@Countedorchid And it plays for the beings that never were.

Ismael Giles

Holy shit you're right!

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Naithan Pangan


big saus

You got me...

Aaron Dixon


Matthew Watkins


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