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Enemy Attack
仲野順也 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Malcolm Robinson Music

Apologies if I missed any comments or emails while I was away. Feel free to get in touch with me again.

Andrew Bartel

@Malcolm Robinson Music My all time favorite track, can't wait

Andrew Bartel

We missed you! So glad you're back


@Malcolm Robinson Music NICE! That's an awesome song!

Malcolm Robinson Music

Yes, I'm planning to do "Searching for Friends" from FF6.

Micheal Williams

Holy crap! You're back! I was just listening to some of your music again the other week, and I was like "Man, I miss this guy."

Good to see you again.

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Coming back with Final Fantasy is a POWERFUL move I tell you what. Glad you're here again 👌

The Unknown Weirdness

An appropriately epic piece to mark a return. Good to have you back man! I hope you've been, and continue to be well.

Kosgaurak TheAntediluvian

Glad to hear more from you. This is an awesome track. Nice work.

Hyperion 1994

Welcome back! Great work as always. You could use this in the Remaster version of the game and probably nobody would notice it's not an official version.

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