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Underwater Ruins
仲野順也 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


"God damn!" was my first thought after I heard the first seconds of the melody.

Sorry for it...I mean it positive. I love this track and I love Final Fantasy 10. Thanks for the video! Looks a bit like the old destroyed Zanarkand.

hello, I'm projet 19

this title is extracted from this mix.
I hope you'll find some good memories :

hello, I'm projet 19

thank you for being here.
this channel is yours.


Junya Nakano should have been the one to compose FFXV.

NazoMur 🌎🏡

My favorite ost.It transmits tranquility, remoteness, and freshness...
where are these images...?



Quamie Jessop

FFX brought me here 🔥


03 Nieve - AlexxFoess (prod. glo!)


I don't know

hello, I'm projet 19

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