A Premonition
光田康典 Lyrics

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Beaver It's no mystery No superstition I experience a premonition…
Katatonia Stand aside now no one will survive can't tell you…
Katatonia - Viva Emptiness - 2 Stand aside now no one will survive can't tell you…

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Radical Dreamers 幼い手につつんだ ふるえてるその光を ここまでたどってきた 時間のふちをさまよい さがしつづけてきたよ 名前さえ…
RADICAL DREAMERS〜盗めない宝石〜 幼い手につつんだ ふるえてるその光を ここまでたどってきた 時間のふちをさまよい さがしつづけてきたよ 名前さえ知らな…
予感 どうせ 嫌われるなら 思いきり 嫌われたい 飾り立てた そのやさしさよりも 一つの真実(ほんとう)が 聞きたい いつ…
最先と最後 They are alone in the oppressing dark, but Luminous power is…

海と炎の絆 Your fingertips moving gently to my heart The force of life…

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Comments from YouTube:

Manoel Almeida

Very Good (Pena Que Não Vai Sair) 😢

Policial não Official

Infelizmente ;-;


I feel like the beauty of the original melody was lost in the addition of so many extra sounds. They compete for your attention, and thus distract you from what was and will forever be a memorable piece of (arguably) the best SNES game ever created.


Diamondragan I disagree. This arrangement is very simple, and contains even less than the original. The original arrangements of both 'Premonition' 'Chrono Trigger' (main title theme) were for a full orchestra. This, by comparison, contains only the last section of the main title theme, arranged for a music box, likely as a nod to 'Memories of Crono'. It contains even less sounds than the original, not any extras. It's simple and pokes you nostalgically in the feels in just the right way. It works.

Generic Manchild

U w0t m8

Daniel Borges Nogueira



what's chrono resurrection?

Colt Scrabbleborough Esquire

Just search youtube. It was a full 3D remake made my fans, but was shutdown by Square-enix. You can find videos of it here.


Colt Scrabbleborough Esquire Wait, Square shut it down? But they have barely even touched it since Chrono Cross! There was the DS remake, but that added little to the game overall, aside from a slight amount of lore. I'M SO STARVED FOR A CHRONO GAME, I LOOK LIKE 227someguy'S PROFILE PIC, MAN!

Colt Scrabbleborough Esquire

Yeah man. They a group of people were working on it, then Square cast cease-and-desistaga on them. It's really sad, but if I remember right they were planning to charge for it. Just for the work they put into it. Again, it is really sad. But technically they were just protecting their own products.

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