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Chrono Trigger: Main Theme
光田康典 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 光田康典:

Radical Dreamers 幼い手につつんだ ふるえてるその光を ここまでたどってきた 時間のふちをさまよい さがしつづけてきたよ 名前さえ…
予感 どうせ 嫌われるなら 思いきり 嫌われたい 飾り立てた そのやさしさよりも 一つの真実(ほんとう)が 聞きたい いつ…
海と炎の絆 Your fingertips moving gently to my heart The force of life…

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First Name Last Name

@Магжан Жаксылык If Crono was a dlc character, who would all the Chrono Trigger dlc Spirits be on the Spirit Board?
Here’s what I think:
Marle (novice): neutral type. You start off with a freezie at the start of the battle, and take slightly less damage from water attacks.

Lucca (novice): attack type. You start off with a ray gun. Slightly reduces fire damage.

Robo (advanced): shield type. Increases physical melee attacks like punches while also increasing physical defense.

Ayla (advanced): attack type. Increases physical mele attacks.

Frog (ace): grab type. You start off with a killing blade and take less damage from water attacks. If you’re playing Hero, your crit rate increases from 12.5% to 23%.

Magus (ace): attack type. You start off the battle with Death’s Scythe and have an increased magic attack.

Schala (ace): neutral type. Increases magic attack while reducing magic damage.

Lavos (ace): neutral type. Can be enhanced at level 99.

Lavos Core (legend): neutral type. Makes you a giant for a while at the start of battle.

All comments from YouTube:


This is the first orchestral arrangement I like of this piece. The other ones sound so artificial while this sounds very organic.


Somehow this sounds better than both OFFICIAL orchestrates of the main theme. That says a lot


very true

Encrypted Ronin



your profile picture is amazing

cheeze zlayer

Wow incredible just like a real orchestra much better btw and very epic to hear love it!

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I feel that if Chrono Trigger were made today, this is exactly what the developers would have wanted this theme to sound like. It perfectly portrays the adventure ahead.
And also kind of sounds like Smash Bros.


God... I would have killed for a mii costume of Crono at least...


@Bathtub Barracuda oh please, people still want "generic anime swordfighters", what they really don't want is more fire emblems characters, if that wasn't the case, Sora wouldn't have been the most requested character in the ballot

Bathtub Barracuda

@First Name Last Name on top of that, smash already has tons of generic anime swordsmen

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