Radical Dreamers
光田康典 Lyrics

幼い手につつんだ ふるえてるその光を
ここまでたどってきた 時間のふちをさまよい

さがしつづけてきたよ 名前さえ知らないけれど
ただひとつの想いを あなたに手渡したくて

歴史は愛も痛みも 深く抱きとめ
消してゆくけど わたしは おぼえている
わたしの胸のおくに いつからか響いていた…
夜露のしずくよりも かすかなささやきだけど

凍てつく星の闇へ 紡ぐ祈りが
遠いあなたのそらに 届くように…

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Adolfo Roman

amazing :')
Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
Osanai te ni tsutsunda furueteru sono hikari wo
Koko made tadotte kita jikan no fuchi wo samayoi

I hid that trembling light in my young hands
I've traveled this far, wandering the abyss of time

Sagashitsudzukete kita yo namae sae shiranai keredo
Tada hitotsu no omoi wo anata ni tewatashitakute

I continued to search for you, though I know not even your name
I wanted to hand over to you just one single feeling

Toki ha ai mo itami mo fukaku dakitome
Keshiteku kedo watashi ha oboete iru

Times catches deep in its arms both love and pain
And erases them, but I remember them
And always will...

Watashi no mune no oku ni itsu kara ka hibiite ita...
Yotsuyu no shizuku yori mo kasuka na sasayaki dakedo

It's reverberated deep in my breast for I know not how long...
Though it's a whisper fainter than a drop of evening dew

Itetsuku hoshi no yami he tsumugu inori ga
Tooi anata no sora ni todoku you ni...

May the prayer I spun towards the darkness of the frozen stars
Reach all the way to your distant sky...


「これで……、さよならだな……。でも…… 会いにゆくよ。いつか、きっと……」


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right in the feelings... how many good memories of my chilhood playing chrono Trigger Radical Dreamers and the Chross and Trigger

NuNu Suth

I played this game as a teen..I will be 35 next mth. CC was and will always be one of my fave RPGs always. The music was a bonus...those lights in the beginning brought me back...I felt so accomplished getting them in order. The FEELS! 😭

Mr. International

Same. Except I’m 39 now.
Did you commit the song in Terra Tower to memory or did you write it down?


@NuNu Suth same!

NuNu Suth

@Untitled lol yes!!! Very worth it! And it's funny seeing this comment since I was 35. I'll be turning 39 tomorrow on my birthday! To think I made this comment 4 years ago!!! Time Is flying and still one of my faves to date!

NuNu Suth

@anang fahmi yes I did!


Considering how frustrating it could be when Lavos fucked up your pattern with a random interrupt? Finally nailing it with Chrono Cross just made it all worth it.

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I am a grown ass man and I am not ashamed to admit this rendition makes me cry. Well done Cosmoskyorchestra.

Sabyasachi B

You're not alone man. This is really beautiful. Overwhelmingly so. Made my eyes water and feel glad that I was able to listen to this.


these people take my breath away, for sure:)

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