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Radical Dreamers 幼い手につつんだ ふるえてるその光を ここまでたどってきた 時間のふちをさまよい さがしつづけてきたよ 名前さえ…
RADICAL DREAMERS〜盗めない宝石〜 幼い手につつんだ ふるえてるその光を ここまでたどってきた 時間のふちをさまよい さがしつづけてきたよ 名前さえ知らな…
予感 どうせ 嫌われるなら 思いきり 嫌われたい 飾り立てた そのやさしさよりも 一つの真実(ほんとう)が 聞きたい いつ…
最先と最後 They are alone in the oppressing dark, but Luminous power is…

海と炎の絆 Your fingertips moving gently to my heart The force of life…

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Comments from YouTube:

Malcolm Robinson Music

This my 30th and final Chrono Trigger orchestration. It was a pleasure to work on this project over the past few years. I'm really grateful for all the support that I've received since starting my YouTube channel and I look forward to producing more content for you guys this year.

Ciro Mauricio de Cristo

God of war next! Man you're really talented congrats

Lambros Grigoropoulos

I completely agree with a Super Metroid remake. I'm positive that you can make a great soundttack sound epic!

Malcolm Robinson Music

I wish I could cover Super Metroid, but Nintendo-owned franchises are almost impossible to license for cover albums. Until that changes, I'll be sticking with Square-Enix's soundtracks.

Lucas Gill

Maybe Front Mission: Gun Hazard? Or any snes Battle Ogre?

Kydrou Kair Renner Oudre

maybe get togheter with the guys from Shinesparkers? They always do Metroid covers

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The battle against Imperfect Cell was pretty awesome

Dragon James

If this is a joke. It failed.

Cristóbal González

Awesome? Nah, lt was PERFECT

Final hazard

You forgot Frieza.

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