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Lakebed Temple
峰岸透 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I'm happy you all enjoy it! I wrote up the sheet music when I first made this four or five years ago, but it's on a dying computer. If I ever manage to dig it up I will let you know.

Aaron Mcneil

i absolutely love the simple relaxed feeling of a directionless jam session i get from this peice. it's as if the artist started playing, and then got lost in the music and floated away into some amazing place.

Enigmatic Lifeguard

Fantastic. I'm always excited for new Majora's Mask remixes since there is only a few.

Rasmus Wedin

Goosebumps! Such a beautiful arrangement!

Sheldon George

I would love to see a piano score to this. This is just fantastic.


When the song ended, I couldn't help but say, "Wait, it's over already!?" Great remix. I love how all of the songs managed to seamlessly blend with each other.


Ah the song of healing, an under remixed song in my opinion.

OverClocked ReMix: Video Game Music Community

Check the video description. "Windmill Hut" (the full version of "Song of Storms") is listed. Video titles are limited to 100 characters, so it's not possible to fit all of that in there. The main source tune is all that could be fit, so it's the one mentioned in the video title. :-)


Holy crap, that was amazing.

Erasmo Ruano

Este juego tiene sin duda el mejor argumento jamás pensado por mucho.

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