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東方神起 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'BREAK OUT!' by these artists:

DBSK/동방신기 [Yoochun]I keep praying Don't forget it Baby, we keep the fa…
Hold X True Straight ahead, escape from weekdays/ I won't give in, it…
Union Square So here I go again The world is on my…

We have lyrics for these tracks by 東方神起:

Beautiful you Ah Sono koe ni sawatte nemuretara ii noni Aenai yoru mo dait…
Lovin' you あの駅に着いたなら君は もう僕の彼女じゃなくなる 少しゆっくり歩いて 君は言葉探してる 最後まで言わなくてもいいよ その…
Million men [U-Know, Micky] Donimyon one one nugudun ok [Hero] Jabu…
Share The World Ano oozora ni todoku made I believe hitotsu no ashita he…
Stand by U 君が「サヨナラ」も告げずに 出て行ったあの日から この街の景色や匂いが 変わった気がするよ 君の全てになりたくて 交わし…
ウィーアー! Arittakeno yume o kakiatsume Sagashi mono sagashini yuku no…
約束 広がる青い空shiny day 日曜の午後はdarling 君と手をつないで歩くよ 片方ずつで聴くearphone 同じ…
운명 The Chance of Love Woo woo Woo woo Ay ay 인위적인 건 너무 재미없어 Ay 흐르던 시선…
주문 MIROTIC 시작은 달콤하게 평범하게 나에게 끌려 언제나 그랬듯이 먼저 말을 걸어와 모든 가능성…

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Comments from YouTube:

Gen re1

I can feel their sadness through this song. Like they kept saying 'Break out', but they also kept telling us (or more to themselves) to not give up and reach the dream you always seek.
This song also like a trap for us (cassies), they broke up, and yet forced us to keep our faith eternally.
They're so mean, but the result... we still couldn't move on....

YeolMae's kitchen

Yes you are right

Gen re1

@DreamyCassie yeah, it's their promise, but since Yoochun's scandal, i am afraid we need more time to recover. but somehow i still believe, some day in any time when we were mature enough, they will somehow sing together again.

all of their songs always has a deeper meaning than it looks like.
the reason my we couldn't move on is because most of their song were dedicated to make us (cassies and listeners) feel safe and loved by them intimately.


Wow... I've never thought about it this way but now that you say it, I do feel like this was a promise to themselves and to us as well. No matter what happens, we should keep the faith.
However I don't think they wanted us to be stuck in the past forever. I think it was meant more like a "look up" or "move forward" way, you know? Even if it's dark, there is always a light.

Lee Ara

This is such a good sooooong. TV5Q was my first Kpop group, the beginning of it all, and I miss them sooo much. Too bad their old songs aren't on Spotify.


Thank you!!!
I miss TVXQ&JYJ,,,,,,,,


Yoochun's parts r the bomb

yuelle Lee

Yes Definitely...
I love yuchun's part😍😍


The truth has been spoken!

Lolita Michaelis

2021... y aún me siento tremendamente triste porque este gran grupo se separó... Jung Yunho, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin y Park Yoochun... DBSK5/ TVXQ5 POR SIEMPRE*

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