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梶芽衣子 Lyrics

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Givinson Muanza

Dark Fantasy - Kanye West brought me here

Deonte Johnson

@jeff wolf that's literally what a collage is lmaooooooo

jeff wolf

yorgo I hope they got permission and gave credit to the original artist. And sample another fancy word for stealing. I’m a artist that’s like saying ima take bits a pieces from another person drawing and change it and make it my own. That’s not right.


jeff wolf shut up you disrespectful fuck, its not ripping off. its sampling. RZA and Kanye literally used 10 notes of this whole composition and made something that sounds completely different

jeff wolf

Another rapper ripping off actual artists?

Carlos Vegas

Kanye is the G.O.A.T. of samples


Horeta otoko ni inochi wo kakete
Kizu no itasa ni naita kedo
Hitonya misenai namida no kao wa
Asu wa dou naru doko e nagareru
Aa... ginchou wataridori
Nani wo kuyokuyo kinou wa minai
Hiroi kono yo ni tada hitori
Dou se umareta karada janai ka
Asu wa doko yara doko de koi suru
Aa... ginchou wataridori
Yume no kakera mo nan ni mo nai ga
Yume ga aru yo na kao wo shite
Tsurai inochi wo dakishime nagara
Asu wa doko yara doko e tobu
Aa... ginchou wataridori

b a

I saw many comments of foreigns
this is because of sampling(quotaition into beats)??? my Englsh is now making progress so…

Joel Martins

I love her songs. they are great on their own but im really here for the sampling potential.

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