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Farm Boy
by 植松伸夫

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Billy Bragg Whisper under my breath, say a little prayer Same as I…
Jackie Leven when I was a farm boy working in snow putting up fences in…

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Comments from YouTube:

Infor Matiker


One of my favourite songs <3
I would really appreciate if you would perform Cids Theme and Judgement Day too!
Thank you so much for all your work!



Green Ally

This channel should have more views. Your music is so beautiful. I listen everyday.

Sibyl7 1

Thank you , it's always such a pleasure to hear you play , thank you for making my heart smile . 💞


Please do some Suikoden!

Pasha Farhan

agreed !

Roger Wilco


Magnum Mountaineer

Dang, this would've been perfect for you guys to break out your mandolin again, like your rendition of Wind Song!! I play this song on my mando, and it seems to fit pretty good. None the less, brilliant as always!

Tata 0

will Cello Kojima put this song on his new game?

Marcel Toing


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