Servants of the Mountain
浜渦正志 Lyrics

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Serah's Theme Make my wish come true, let darkness slip aside Hiding all…
The Sunleth Waterscape Step into the rainbow, find another view Chase the tender li…
サンレス水郷 Step into the rainbow, find another view Chase the tender li…

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Comments from YouTube:


I kinda like this version better than the remaster.


and this is why

Xtremist 54

@OtakuGamer Aquarius 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


This version is perfection

OtakuGamer Aquarius

Venitas751 I agree. When I first heard the remaster, I was disappointed. Thankfully the PS4 version allows someone to choose between the original and remastered music. I got to listen to this once again in all its perfection


Inarguably one of the greatest pieces of music ever made.

Akiin Moonlight

pretty much a masterpiece ❤


+Matthew Etter Nobuo Uematsu was lead composer. Pretty much all of the iconic final fantasy music is his work. Though many other very talented people have contributed to the series over the years.

Juan Alberto López Jiménez

This track isn't from Uematsu. It's from Masashi Hamauzu. He composed several tracks in Final Fantasy X, among them, this.


Ah, we should have known from all the violins lol. Flashbacks to FF13's track. And come to think of it, some parts of this remind me of dust to dust, also by Hamauzu.

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