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竹原ピストル Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 竹原ピストル:

よー、そこの若いの とかく忘れてしまいがちだけど とかく錯覚してしまいがちだけど 例えば桜やらひまわりやらが 特別あからさまなだけで 季節を…

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I accidentally dragged the keyboard thing to the search bar lol

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yy--yyou too??

Greenshield Game

omg me too xD

Brito Maximiliano

ok, the only question left is: what is the name of the song?

Aritra Dutta

Hoq to open a form using JavaScript void(0)

Patrick Grengs

I only came here for the music. Thank you.


ehy do they use void like a class and a function instead of this


very nice explaination. Thank you Sir!

Konrad Kacprzyk

you can also add #! in href

Sunrise Boy

After watching the clip, and reading the comments here...I now understand that parachuting in from Alpha Centauri was not a good idea. Language has become, as Humpty Dumpty said, " will mean what ever I want it to mean". You people have little in the way of writing or communication abilities! I'm still as ignorant of the void thing as I was before I endured this mindless trivia.

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