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Boss B
若井淑 Lyrics

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Pedro Wagner Rondinelli

i can't express how perfect this song is at expressing the feeling of " ima fighting a frickin rock"

AnArn B

@Bum and shrine walls can’t be climbed

Nukerkid 105

I beat the f*ck out the lava talus on the way to Gordon town and I synced it perfectly with the music in game

Faz gamer!

I love fighting the pebbles more

The ancient duck

Whoever made this should get a raise.


YES! This is one of my favorite songs from BotW, and I think it’s hugely underrated. I hardly ever see it mentioned by people when talking about the game’s music.

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Jenny Fisher

Once i saw a boulder lodged in the ground and thought “that’s a stone talus. Imma go fight it” and i landed next to it. I felt shaking but it didn’t stand up. Turned out the boulder next to it was a stone talus


@ainsley toledo genius


Task failed successfully!


@Grdin rip

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