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Break Through the Ice
若井淑 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Ryan Poehls

Better yet, got to Lurelin Village in the south east corner of your map. The stand on the dock sales shock arrows. Next blood moon they'll be more. Have 50+ shock arrows now so I'm ready once I decide to to that Devine beast.

Austin Davis

u really only need 4 if all your shots are on point

Kiwania Sprott

@PlayAlanPlays ..

Amran Sandhu

Turns out you have to go back to the mountain and then it'll update, odd

Amran Sandhu

Will the dialogue pop up though? I got 10 from the mountain and bought 10 from lutein but nothing has happened

Dan Rudder

i used less than 10

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Opal Ammonite

You:”I must defeat it”

Me as soon as I see Link hiding behind a rock:”yeah... I ain’t dealing with that thing... I only have 4 hearts.”

The Minecrafter

Same that was literally me



21 Atom Nachura

i just got master sword yayyy, and yes i defeated all divine beasts, so i think i did medoh on feb 24
naboris on march 12
rudania on march 13

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