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Cooking Failure
若井淑 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Phobe Romys

Why would you want to go to a restaurant where they throw food at you?

Mayur Gharate

5:26 dude tried till his last breath 🥲


it’s really fun! they rarely do it and no one cares if you miss or not. it’s just to goof around and have a nice time


I like it

Mysticlover Fairy

@Kayla Silverstein they throw non messy food and it’s like a pea or something small they’re not bombarding you with piles of food, it’s not a food fight

Mysticlover Fairy

Seriously you’ve never to a place like Benihana or similar type restaurants before, that’s half the fun, you sit at a table and watch them cook your food, but they also do tricks,it’s dinner and a show together, plus they don’t throw the food at you ,they toss it towards your mouth and you have to try to catch it.

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the kinglion15

The dude washing the chicken will always be hilarious

The bendy show

And disgusting lol


What's also funny is that he was gonna make fried chicken wearing orange and white😏

Sidhartha Ajithprasad

Dude he’s causing a chemical contamination in his food and it is not funny. He’s literally putting his health under risk.

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