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Cooking Success
若井淑 Lyrics

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Silvin E

I'm happy to see this one won :)
It's not the most loved Zelda game, but I always enjoyed it immensely, warts and all.

I do recommend as long of sessions as you can manage as that "you got a thiiing!!" message will pop up each time you boot the game, for each item.

Also "flail wildly" is a valid strategy when the controller is being obstinate.

Keep your batteries fresh in that wiimote. The wiimotion+ eats them.

If you want to complete all of the side quests check in back at town during both day and night after each dungeon. Some can't be completed if you wait too long.

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Frye Mattingly

So, about the name. Baux. I am going to assume it's a reference to "bauxite ore." According to Wikipedia it's the world's primary source of aluminum. My best bet as to why Kieth chose this name is that aluminum is very common in the aerospace industry due to it's light weight relative to it's strength. This is Zelda in "the sky" ... so naming him after an ore that provides the metal we use to build our flying machines? That's all I've got.

Sam Chilton

Mohawkite would have been better. Nearly everyone in Skyloft had a name based on a bird, and that's a mineral with two.

Frye Mattingly

@Ceetee Torres Yay! I didn't see my message got pinned (no notification) so thanks for pointing that out. I knew Keith has named his Link's after rocks before so I googled "baux" and added the common "ite" suffix. First thing that showed up was a wiki page. I'm glad it wasn't a more obscure mineral or I may not have been able to figure out the full name. My next guess would have been looking for a variant of pumice (one of the world's lightest rocks).

Ceetee Torres

The fact that he pinned this is a good indicator of you being right.


I swear the bird spitting the letter at link never ceases to get a laugh out of everyone i see play this game (Plus myself back when i first played it), its good stuff.

Ulysse H

@Sam Chilton Maybe a branch?

Sam Chilton

Sorry to disappoint: I'm only wondering what it's standing on (obviously it's in a void space outside the room in game, but the fact it isn't flying bothers me)

Ulysse H

I was thinking the same thing. The gag that never fails

Mila Evans

This game is really special to me for a few reasons, I played the demo at a Best Buy one day when it first came out and I was around 12 or 13, and the motion control aspect completely blew me away and I immediately fell in love with it. On my way home from school one day I stopped by the Best Buy and bought the game with my own earned money. It was the first 3D Legend of Zelda game I played (I only played The Phantom Hourglass before then), and I loved basically everything about it, the art style, the story, the sense of exploration, all the unique puzzles, etc. In retrospect I understand why there are some people that are pretty critical of certain aspects and I can see now some of the flaws, like the excessive hand-holding sometimes, but as a kid, and it being my game, not a game my parents got for me, everything really felt super special and so this game will always have a place in my heart.

Mila Evans

@Abbaa Lincoln Good luck! I'm glad you're giving it another chance, it's a good game and I hope you get to enjoy it :)

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