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Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
若井淑 Lyrics

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The Lab had a torch in it if you needed one so that way you wouldnt resort to tree braches

Samuel Stevens

I know that part was painful to watch

Nichole Green



It took me three separate playthrough series to find a series that is actually good. Thank you, ZeldaMaster. Finally I get to watch a playthrough of this game that I can truly enjoy without screaming "PICK UP THE DAMN ITEMS!!" You have made my year.


@Victor Martinez hello someone from the present lol

Victor Martinez

While i am enjoying the series i feel like he's putting a rush on everything and kind skiping over a lot of stuff, which is fine since i already almost beat the game, but still, i would like him to take things a bit more calmly.

But this came out years ago so it really doesn't matter i suppose.

Jeff Wang

in another playthrough series, the person literally dropped mipha's spear for a normal ancient sword and I was raging so hard.

Majestic Thorn257

RoWiGRaTH relatable


"Legend says that an ancient voice resonates inside it. Can you hear it yet, Hero?"
Of course i can't hear it yet, my battery is still full.


@Sakuraiヒロシ if you say heard it means you didn’t play the game. She is very sassy and the fact that a robot has a crush on her is so funny and when she leaves link I cried so much. It was so nice when she says she now feels happy. I feel Navi is worse. Fi is not that annoying compared to

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