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Hinox Battle
若井淑 Lyrics

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North of the Border

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laura richards

"golden lynel"? I... have never seen that ingame. but lynel do scare the flip outta me sooo... were can i find that thing, how do i kill that thing?

MeLisa Stone


Aviation Animation

Bret job on the sculpture. Can you maybe make Tsunami from Wings of Fire?


@pokekiller playz me 2

pokekiller playz

Yoooooo I have that book! I’m being serious

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Jonna Larsson

Soooo who's up for Adam making a series when he randomly choose a page from those books and make a tiny nerdy thing....just me?.... alright

Cataclysmic Gamer

I’m with you

Mick G

@Alexander Joseph why is ur profile pic of a cat LITERAL CAT 🐱 holding a knife (…)

Mick G

Not alone I’m a botw fan for about 6 months or so now :)

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