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Hinox Battle
若井淑 Lyrics

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How any Breath of the Wild players sees enemies:

Bokoblins- The cutest apple eaters that are literally everywhere. Mass homicide in any Bokoblin camp.

Moblins: The only thing interesting about them is the fact that they throw Bokoblins as weapons.

Lizalfos: Their spit has the same power as a shotgun, and if that doesn’t kill you then brain impalement from their tongues will.

Stal Enemies: How is it that the blood moon brings dead enemies back to life in the flesh, but they just naturally come back as skeletons? What is this sorcery?

Chuchus: It would most likely be less embarrassing to piss yourself in public than to die to a Chuchu.

Lightning Wizzrobe: (Vietnam flashbacks of the Ridgeland Tower)

Fire Wizzrobe: The best source for the only weapon that can start a forest fire in seconds.

Ice Wizzrobe: The source of one of the coolest weapons in the game, the blizzard rod. (Pun intended)

Yiga Clan members: Annoying pieces of shit.

Stone Talus: The one on the Plateau has caused at least one death early-game.

Igneo Talus: The amount of times I’ve been pushed into the lava by this fucking thing is indescribable.

Frost Talus: Don’t even bother if you have no fire or bomb arrows.

Hinox: The only one that is remembered is the one in Eventide Island.

Stalnox: The only one remembered is in Hyrule castle.

Molduga: It either took hours of experimenting or a quick google search to figure out how to get them out of the ground.

Guardians: Absolute nightmare fuel

Lynels: Basically Ganondorf.


My encounter with a Hinox at the start of the game (kinda long).

When I first started playing BotW I thought the Hinox was friendly. I thought they were like the fairy from Kakariko Village, where it was this ominous giant bud with a deep voice, but then opened to reveal a beautiful woman. I thought it went the same with the Hinox.

Just walking casually when I hear it snoring, and use my Camera (not the rune, just moving the camera itself around because I don't think I had it at the time). I went down the hill I was on, only to see cooked/roasted meat, fish, and fruit. A bit interested, I pick up the food and continue down my path. I couldn't see the Hinox very well, since it was a dense forest. Then wayy back into the forest where I was heading some birds, deer, and other animals ran out. I dunno if I startled them myself since they were so far away from me and I didn't even see them myself.

Then I walked up to the Hinox, and it of course wakes up.
The boss healthbar pops up
The music cues
It starts stomping towards me, indicating that it wanted to kill me

I ran out of there by climbing the hill I descended from. I didn't want to fight it anyways since I had a bad experience with the Stone Talus from the Great plateau. Got my ass kicked by it.

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On my first encounter, I thought the hinox was friendly and I could talk to it. I quickly realized there wasn't much to talk about.


Stranger lol


Poor Hinox must have thought "Stranger danger"


But was it modded as Shrek? Because then I would understand


Stranger why would you think a big, ugly, giant one eyed bokoblin is friendly?


Stranger i thought the ecact thing

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Hinox: covers eyes

Long time Zelda fans: impossible


"Pattern recognition. Wonderful."


The hinox in the foggy forest above korok forest be like; 👁👄👁🧍‍♂️


@The Mime More like

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