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Hyrule Castle Town Ruins
若井淑 Lyrics

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Venti's chair

This is the only BOTW soundtrack that puts me on edge.

When playing the game, whenever I listen to this soundtrack, I know where I am and the entire place feels lonely.
It feels lonely, because if you see it from Link's POV, you know that you are alone, that everyone died, that there are guardians everywhere to kill you whenever they feel your presence.
That's where it gets me, because I just felt so lonely that I was afraid, I was being paranoid, and I felt so depressed.

I was afraid, because I knew that the only "living" beings were the guardians, but the real reason why I was afraid was because Calamity Ganon turned them against us, the guardians led me to paranoia because I knew that in Hyrule Castle Town there were guardians everywhere, ready to activate and kill Link whenever they feel his presence, which made me feel depressed, I knew that was exacly how they brutally murdered everyone and brought that town to ruins.
I look at Hyrule Castle Town and the scenario just looks broken and empty. It looks broken, because I know that the guardians brought Hyrule Castle Town to ruins, and it looks empty, because I know how the guardians brutally murdered everyone in that town.
I feel so... broken just by knowing that such a happy place with such happy people turned out to be so broken.

I couldn't even set foot in Hyrule Castle Town ruins because I felt like I was going to cry or scream for some reason, and I don't know why.

I think that BOTW is the darkest Zelda game I have ever played.

(No, I never played Majora's Mask, but I heard it's also a dark game)

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This music is so creepy, but very fitting. The town is in ruin. Everyone has been killed. And Guardians are lurking about, looking for a breathing being.



Mr. Andrew

I think I could hear Ikana's Town theme when it's sped up.

Panosmos Productions

It sounds like a ghost town

my parents are divorced

I keep forgetting that these people actually, like, DIED, cuz of how lighthearted Zelda games are (excluding you-know-what lol).

Hella grim to actually think about it.


@my parents are divorced twilight princess?

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I didn't get around to even go close to the castle till recently. 14 hearts, two stamina wheel, mostly upgraded soldier armor, master sword, ancient bow and arrows. Have all the divine beasts free. So I was already pretty invested.

Coming to this town, hearing this music... It was kinda really sobering. I'm pretty powerful and have been adventuring all over. Then I come here and see the broken skeleton of a town that in the memories was so bright and alive and, just going off how populated and healthy the town was in other games, is a hell of a loss. And the fact that the game doesn't even beat around the bush... They flat out said everyone was freaking killed. That's deep. It's certainly sobering especially if you think about it as link's POV. It's like... It feels like only yesterday this place was bustling full of of life. Now there's merely piles of bones.

Pepper Brie

00WolfSpirit Zora armour and crayon is make for an easy entry

Random User

00WolfSpirit it wouldve been so cool ti have someone else in bolson work on rebuilding hyrule castle town, and alongside gaining less materials than with the other side quest, you had to rid the area of guardians before rebuilding. these guys wouldnt respawn unless you killed them outside the quest

Jack 64

Random User we can only hope in botw 2 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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