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Regrettable Race
若井淑 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Man, such a pathetic sound. Nintendo really likes driving in when you've failed at something, don't they?


Wii Sports Resort swordplay losing theme intensifies


@ChaosMiles07 yeah lol


@TheBestAuthor I honestly don't understand how. Oh well, the internet is a weird place.


You’re top comment on both this AND the new record one lol

Notsew The Great ඞ

yup, they sure do!

Mark Imbing

“You didn’t pass through all Checkpoints!”-Sand Seal Race Lady


"you can never lose the race if you never do the race"


Anyone who recognizes this track needs help. Seriously, go find someone to do the race part for you.

Ghostkip Army

you know that reminds me of a certain game over theme that is in a different popular Nintendo game

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