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Revali and the Divine Beast
若井淑 Lyrics

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Javier Vásquez

@Kyousuku Didn't interpret His "doings"?? 😐 Such as? Does he accomplishes ANYTHING in the "story" of Breath of the Wild? Does he move the plot forward through his many annoying and meaningless dialogues? Does he do ANYTHING AT ALL? 😒 Listen I get that in the case of the 4 Champions Nintendo TRIED to make them into somewhat "memorable" characters by writing each one with a specific personality and a "theme" that would differentiate one Champion from the other. 🤔 That in an of itself sounds like an interesting and creative concept to make the cast of Breath of the Wild more unique to previous characters in the franchise and i applaud Nintendo for trying to do something never done before in the series. The PROBLEM with this "Champions" is the fact that they don't truly and really have ANY real role or relevance to the "plot" of Breath of the Wild whatsoever. Regardless of there being 4 Champions in the game their existence is completely inconsequential to Link's journey to defeat "Calamity Ganon" with the Master Sword and Zelda's strugle to awaken her Sealing Powers. This characters were written with so little depth and detail that it makes them look as if they were made just for the sake of having more "main" characters in the game. 😕 To put it bluntly their very inclusion is narratively irrelevant to Ganondorf's defeat. If we were to remove this characters from the game altogether and just had the game revolve around Link and Zelda preparing themselves for Calamity's resurrecction the "story" would have had the exact SAME impact and effect regardless of their exclusion. Because they were never really important in the narrative "We" as the players were never able to form any kind of connection that would make us relate with and "root" for them in any way. What's the point of having a DEAD character if he or she can't affect the story in any sort of way?? 🙁 WHY SHOULD WE CARE for a bird guy that constantly acts annoyingly prideful while continiously mocking and ridiculing the main protagonist?? 😑 In the very brief flashbacks cutscenes that we get to see ALL we're ever shown are random moments where the "Champions" get to have random lines with Link and Zelda while also getting the chance to "show off" their special powers. I've watched all of the "memories" in BotW desperately trying to understand the characters of the Champions, analyzing their personalities and just trying to figure out what exactly was Nintendo's goal by including them in the game and I've literally came to the conclusion that their inclusion in the game served no purpose other than to be one dimensional, superficial and ridiculosly cartoonish SPACE FILLERS.

"You probably just saw him that way cuz there wasn't much of a backstory shown for him unlike the other champions".

There was no backstory for ALL 4 Champions. We BARELY see this characters do ANYTHING at all so how do you expect the player to learn anything about them? 😐 By talking to people that knew them? Oh sure alright let's talk to them but you see in the end we wouldn't be actually getting to know this people who barely did anything of importance in the game. Instead we would be simply TOLD a story about a dead person that once did "something" with you a 100 years ago from the point of view of SOMEONE ELSE. All through reading texts on the screen rather than through VISUAL means. Might as well read a friggin book about the Calamity than play the game. 😣

How can someone be able to "interpret" such a shallow and superficial character like Revali is beyond my Human capabilities of understanding. 🤔😖 JUST like the other 3 Champions "Birdman" was added into the game simply because Nintendo NEEDED to fill in the rather small cast of characters. I REALLY don't want to sound condescending or cruel for i'm not that kind of person and i also really hate criticizying people but the real truth about Breath of the Wild is that it's main focus and "heart" is found only within it's Open World exploration and gameplay and not it's failed attempt at "story" with all it's confusing, disjointed, random and completely irrelevant cinematic flashback cutscenes that show "Days in the life of a Champion" starring Falco Lombardi's evil twin 😈 and 3 other non memorable, generic, unappealing and non engaging "people". 😧 It would seem that you and other new Zelda players seem to have terrible taste when it comes to finding and liking a good character. 😕 If you are capable of relating to characters that you could find in a kid's book for 5 year olds then I assume you guys must all either be a bunch of pre-teens who think they're edgy for liking a Zelda character or you just have really low self-steem and thus can easily relate to basically ANY LEVEL of bad character-writing that involves even the slightest and smallest attempt at emotional relatability. 😯 I must admit i do pity young gamers like you that fall for the cheepiest attempts at narrative driven videogames made by companies like Nintendo. 😔 I really hope that someday you and many others will learn to deepen your understanding of fictional characters and realize what it is that makes them well written and memorable.

To conclude Breath of the Wild is a GREAT GAME yet the "story" and the 4 Champions SUCKED. They were terribly written and added NOTHING to the experience of exploration in the new Hyrule of Breath of the Wild. Hopefully Nintendo will go back to writing good narratives like the ones from previous games. If BotW 2 does get to have a good story like Twilight Princess's then i'll be willing to forgive BotW 1's mediocre attempt at storytelling. 👍😏

Clouded Daze

Ok. Am I about to go on another rant about Revali because I’m crying? Yes.

So everyone knows Revali is cocky. That’s... his defining trait. So yes. You know.

But if you look closely it is much more than that. He actually does care about things. It’s just that he was held to such a high standard that he couldn’t show any vulnerability. He was raised above the Rito, seen as much better. He convinced himself to play along, and didn’t let himself show weakness.

We see this in the champions ballad cutscene for him! He’s forcing himself to perfect Revalis gale, and when he fails he berated himself for not being good enough, and gets very upset when he sees that Zelda saw!

He also tired to show Link his gale, even when it wasn’t perfected. But link had his own way of coping- shutting the world out. So he had no reaction. So Revali was upset that his special move brought no reaction from the hero he was trying to reach out to!

Also, if you look at the theory that the sos in the divine beast themes are compared to when the champions died against their blight- Revali survived longest. He had good reason to believe he was a good fighter! But he held out and didn’t call for help in time so the sos was rushed. He knew he was going to die.

Lastly, the successors of the champions. Sidon is mipha’s brother. Riju is Urbosas successor as chief, and possibly a descendant or distant niece. Yunobo is Daruks descendant. Teba is... a warrior of the Rito and Someone who looks up to Revali. Much like... the rest of the Rito. The only reason he’s the one who’s helping you fight medoh, and not say, another guard, or Harth? He’s Harth’s friend and harth was injured. He has no personal connection to Revali. He can’t even use revali’s weapon, it’s too heavy and hard to use while flying and Revali was the only Rito strong enough. So Revali really doesn’t have a successor.

TL;DR- Revali is the loneliest of the champions. A lot is purposely masked by his cocky demeanor. He is left alone with only medoh as a companion, quite likely bonding with and projecting a personality on medoh. He has no successor. So should fans judge him for being rude and arrogant? Or should people look deeper and see all this first?


Rivali's Fury Is Now Ready To Roll
Mipha's Glatection Is Ready (Glatection is Gale and Protection combined)
What you said "Mipha's Gale is Ready To Roll"
Daruk's Fury is Now Ready
Urbosa's Gale is Ready to Roll
Daruk's Gale is Now Ready To Roll
Revali's Grace is Now Ready (who knew)
Mipha's Protection is Now Ready
And last but not least
Rebouk's Praurce Is Now Ready To Roll

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"A thanks would be nice. Or... you can just leave, whatever." Man, I still teared up here.

Lyra Phoenix

yumeparadox same

Ahmad Rehan

i would have if they fucking put any sort of story into his fucking quest


Man bro that gave me Goosebumps when he said that


yumeparadox i dont know what it is about Revali! He makes me as sad as the other Champions


silent boyo

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Eric Gerald

Revali's story is one of the most heartbreaking for me at least. He seems like a total douche to Link, but Zelda had similar feelings about Link when they first met. It was only after time had passed and they grew to know each other that Zelda opened up to Link. Revali, on the other hand, didn't spend the time he could've with Link. His spirit says it's all about getting revenge on Ganon through Link, but maybe, he's helping Link out of regret for the lost friendship that they never had.

Astral Aion

Eric Gerald hey u like light gaia too?
for ur icon


Eric Gerald Very true, but I think Mipha's story still takes the prize as most tragic. Still, Revali went through a lot.

Miles Zimmer-Benz

Eric Gerald Don’t do this to me.

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