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Titania And Macbeth
若井淑 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Devina Woolf

i want that mission accomplished bit played at my funeral

general eric

can we get a 2021 remaster again? you have come a long way, i would love to see you do it again but with all your skill you have gained over the course of 6 years :D


Like I said before, old one was amazing, new one is even better. That must've been so frustrating when the other was deleted. 


@ToxicxEternity It looks to me like the old one is undeleted now.


+TheOnlyDeerAlive why did it get deleted?


Yeah I was so sad. almost like a state of shock haha. Atleast I still had the video file


Dude this medley inspired my playing to a whole new level man! This will always be one of my favorite medleys of all time for sure;)

Xtreemo [ Sub to my new Channel: Xtreemo Gaming ]

Did you remember when I said I'd use your cover medley for a Star Fox film? Well, I did it! :P It's on my channel already. Your medley its so awesome, It really deserved a part on a film like this. You sir, need a medal, a cookie and a hot lady!

It's sad to hear that your previous vid got accidentally deleted, though. Youtube sucks on this kind of management, I've had some problems with that too. But don't worry! You'll get your previous views back soon and get many more, I'm sure of that. You deserve them.

The Oregonian

+Xtreemo Productions Yay!!! More Star Fox Awesomeness!

Xtreemo [ Sub to my new Channel: Xtreemo Gaming ]

I didn't, Youtube did. I'll reupload it this week :)

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