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Title Screen
若井淑 Lyrics

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I hate that I'll never be able to play the game for the first time again

Old-Street Lights

Question: How many times have I hard this comment?
Answer: Too many times

Mr the unknownyt question

😭 that’s why I want botw 2 the beginning where I was explorin with no instructions learnin stuff was the best gaming experience of my life

Old-Street Lights

So many people say this… WHY?! I never got to play it for the first time… I watched my sisters play a while before I started.


Get your memory earsed and play it again and get it back again


i know im one years late but just make a new nintendo profile or mii or whatever

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Portable Samsung Fridge

The skip is meant to represent Link’s first manual breath after he awakes again. I’m pleased to know it’s back!


That hits deep

H20 Dynamo is Da Wae

I think the first skip is meant to represent the breath of awe that Link takes in when he is staring out over his first glimpse of Hyrule, like he does in the pictures. I think of the second skip being Link, fully equipped and ready to take on Ganon, standing at the foot of the castle and gazing up in resolve at the sanctum.


@Zachary Stanley that is proven in the trailer

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