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Watch Out for the Flowers
若井淑 Lyrics

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An that's why the 1:05 part seems to be more random the the others and only appear in the most tense moments of the battle.

The game knows.
It almost seems like it gets played when the enemies are going to do something crazy (like when when a Lynel does that gigantic explosion) or when you and the enemies are both low health.

Also the only moments when I hear the whole "intro" is when wolfs attack me, because most of the time it cuts to the more exciting part and with Lynels it straight up doesn't play the "intro" and goes directly to the fun part;

They really did everything to make such a good adapting theme, it changes immediately to to the best part for the situation when it needs to and does that flawlessly!


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Orcus Sucro

This theme is literally genius. It starts out calm and becomes gradually more intense as the fight continues. This way you're not interrupted by a loud battle music every time you pass by a camp while travelling


I agree, this track is really well made and underrated, It's probably my favourite. The selection of instruments is really good, really gives you that progressively chaotic feel during long battles.


wow i didn't think of it that way. but it makes a lot of sense

Inma Samalik

You definitely appreciate something like this after hearing Sonic Unleashed's battle theme over and over.

Jhilian Bee

100% The opening sounding like a heartbeat and the ending sounding like the conclusion of the boxing match is such a nice touch. I also like how the theme just sounds like the nature around you turned into music. As you said this piece is actually genius. Favorite track hands down.

Fire N Icey

The fact it starts out calm the first time I heard it I was like “ should I push them”. Then when it picked up I was like “ f it “ lol 😂. Probably how most of us died early on

Agree with rest of you this game is amazing how it ties in its soundtrack to everything 😊

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FUN FACT: in game, when you hit an enemy, the game will play a sound that goes with the beat of the music, the sound variates depending on how hard you hit, go ahead and try it yourself


I will eventually, Thanks.

Rosabelle / Rosie

Fr ?



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