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近藤浩治 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Map' by these artists:

Adam Lambert The dawn is bright and my perception is open wide You…
Call And Response Put your finger on a map And that's where I…
Deliverance Following the straight and narrow Reading the signs and arr…
Ivy Hope So now you are almost there And what will you do…
Jason Webley I walked across a continent where children did not bat…
Lostboycrow If all the worlds a stage When the hell did I…
Maroon 5 I miss the taste of a sweeter life I miss the…
MoNa a.k.a. Sad Girl Yeah I love to party tho But I really love that money…
The Microphones Oh! the Sand! Oh! the Spark! Oh! the Open Land! the Swell…
阿弟仔 He's not to be reached he's to be reached. He's…

We have lyrics for these tracks by 近藤浩治:

Chase Start me up いつもと同じ空 よくある シチュエーション なのに はやる気持ちはもう 夏のゲーム いざ開始! …

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


"J'ai une révélation à faire.

Ecoutez donc ! Pour soulager les hôpitaux, ils ne faut pas être malade.

C'est ce qu'a dit monsieur Castex,

Le premier ministre français.

Il ne se foutrait pas de nous

Car les hôpitaux ils servent.

Surtout à opérer et à aider les femmes dans leurs accouchement."

All comments from YouTube:


I really wish this was Yoshi's victory theme in Smash


oh my god yes
do you know happy i would be if that happened

TM 30 Shadow Ball

Even the first five seconds of this would be so much better than his current victory theme.


It's nice and quick as well




The biggest missed opportunity, in project m I put this as his theme.

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Hentai King

Then you realized you only got 99% cause you lost a star...


@Djordje Kalanj why you little-


@Djordje Kalanjlamp

Djordje Kalanj



Now thats an intrusting name.

I just made you scroll 1000 lines. Autoclicker lol

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