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Mission Accomplished
近藤浩治 Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Riley Andersen

Fox: We're heading out all aircraft Report!
Slippy: You did it, I was worried for a Mowmint
Peppy: Your father would've been proud of you
Falco: I'm fine. You OK over there, Fox?
Campbell: Your the Best friend, I'd ever had.

Fox: All Aircraft report!
Slippy: I'm fine, I'm Fine
I'm having some Trouble here.
I've fad I was a Goner
Peppy: Everything Ah Ok
I'm taking a few hits but I'm OK
I saw my Light flash before my Eyes
Falco: Ah your getting better Fox
You are so Lucky Fox
You worry about your own lifes
See my ship? Does it look okay to you!?
Campbell: Looks like I'm feeling alright this Time
I've Almost got hit but I'm feeling alright
My Eyeballs may have been Suck from the Sockets

All comments from YouTube:

Michael Foster

Bill: Take care fox.

Fox: You too bill.

Ganyu Secretary of the Liyue Qixing





Content Thing

Bill while saying his line: slowly crying because all of his squad died

Fox while saying his line: ooh medal shiny

Krusty Klown Kollege

Bill: I'm glad we're on the same team, Fox.

Fox: You owe me one.


Nice one!

Blue Aizu

"All aircraft report!"
"Peppy's ship is in the docking bay." "Slippy's ship is in the docking bay." "Falco's ship is in the docking bay."
"Good work, team!"


"A bomb has been planted in Slippys ship"


Falco 's ship is under maintenance

Gabe Z.

You're becoming more like your father.

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