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近藤浩治 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 近藤浩治:

Chase Start me up いつもと同じ空 よくある シチュエーション なのに はやる気持ちはもう 夏のゲーム いざ開始! …

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

🗿Ligma Official🗿

0:05 Happy
0:48 Vibin
1:12 Starting to be nostalgic
1:38 Becomes fully nostalgic
1:52 Oh Lawd! He vibin'
2:00 Epic nostalgia happy moment
2:40 He Dance
3:15 Realises it is coming to a close. Good memories have been made.
3:38 Sheds one tear for the joy along the way
4:00 What a masterpiece.

All comments from YouTube:


This soundtrack feels like an ending.
It is neither sad nor happy, just "oh well, I guess it's time for me to go."

i do nothing

You made me cry with this comment. I really don't know why but it did sound like good bye my young days now is the time to let you go. I was happy with you. Kinda feeling. Man I am 42 but what is this mixed feelings...


I really do. It's just like "yeah, you did it. You reached the end."


It was time for Thomas to leave. He had seen everything.


I love this comment so damn much

Josh Riley

IKR! It feels so bittersweet!

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Joost Baars

I’ve come here to pay respect to GilvaSunner. After like 4000 videos were deleted (including the entire SMW playlist) he has decided to delete the channel on Friday (04/02/2022). RIP to the channel, it gave us so much VGM for 12 years and got multiple billion views. But like every game and real life everything has an ending. That’s why this is the perfect place to pay tributes. RIP GilvaSunner


@normalclouds they arent, siiva is a group of people and giiva is one dude

Death Spagett

I didn't know who GilvaSunner was so I searched him up and I pay my respect to him too.


i remember watching his videos

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