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近藤浩治 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 近藤浩治:

Chase Start me up いつもと同じ空 よくある シチュエーション なのに はやる気持ちはもう 夏のゲーム いざ開始! …

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This ending music just reminds me of how well this game broke your heart beautifully. It was a seven-layer cake of bittersweet heartbreak.

- Zelda: "Link, give the Ocarina to me." She puts her hand on his. Never has an N64 polygon NPC looked so deeply sad as she explains she must send Link back to regain his lost years as a child. And then, she plays those notes. And he's gone. If there was love there, it will never be.
- The glorious festival of all the game's NPC's with old rivalries budding into new friendships, but no Link to enjoy his victory.
- The Six Sages looking down on the festival in spirit form. They did it, they won. They're also most likely dead in spirit form. Bittersweet.
- The credits scene landscapes reminding you just how breathtaking every environment truly is
- Child Link going back to the Temple of Time and, what's this...Navi? No, why would you leave me now? Navi is gone forever as she escapes via the high window
- Child Link still goes and puts back the Master Sword forever sealing his fate as a child, but he sure walks away like a boss while the church bells ring. That's a lump and a half in your throat right there
- Post-Post-credits scene of Child Link first entering the castle garden and seeing Zelda. Their eyes meet. Time stops. You remember that moment from your early playthrough. The final Nintendo stamp shows up, and that godforsaken Zelda's Lullaby plays one last time, cutting up all sorts of onions in its trail. Then it stops and you are left with nothing but silence and silhouette.

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As a child, Iwas crying and thinking.." it's over? it's..actually over?" man, the nostalgia hits and hurts a lot, I love TloZ!!

Gabriel Góngora

The nostalgia hits me really hard each time I listen to the main theme. Love my childhood playing zelda all night on my n64. Years later got a GC with zelda collectors edition and I remember also playing late at night but this time I kept the GC all night because I did not have a memory card😂... Awww man, time really flies but with TLoZ I can go back in time. Nostalgia hit me hard while typing the comment and listening to this.

Vagnur Thomsen

You can continue to like ik

Mike Tacos

My brother and me too...

new wave city

I'm 28 now but when me and my twin defeated Gannon and ran down hyrule castle as it was crumbling down, I thought omg this is it, we beat it. Seen the credits rolling down. Look at my twin , we hugged out of excitement lol.(little kid stuff) Sad, I am now to know games wont be the same ,but I was happy then to finally beat the game and I was 8 thinking I'm so cool...which I was lol


Man as a child i played it and majoras mask back to back, i feel you !

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I just finished the game this morning for the 1st time, the entire game was a work of art straight up made me cry for 1 hour, Koji Kondo you're a legend.


When I finished, I stared at the screen for 5 minutes.
those were good times.


I finished it right now. My face is full of tears


You're the Hero that time will never remember.
Truly one of the saddest endings.

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