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믿기 싫은 이야기
동방신기 Lyrics

We have lyrics for '믿기 싫은 이야기' by these artists:

DBSK/동방신기 듣지 말았어야 할 얘기 오늘 하루쯤은 잊고 나와도 좋았을 전화 말문이 막히는…

We have lyrics for these tracks by 동방신기:

CRAZY LOVE Ya, I've been waiting for this for so long, TVXQ! 평소엔…
Flower Lady FLOWER LADY (HANGUL) credit: 찬란한 저 햇살의 반짝임…
Somebody to Love It's time for love Somebody to love 僕はここにいるよ 刻みはじめる 新しい時間を …
Ten I just wanna say thank you for the last ten…
노을..바라보다 저녁 노을이 지고 하나 둘 켜진 불빛을 따라서 너에게 가고 있어 차가운 바람에…
주문 시작은 달콤하게 평범하게 나에게 끌려 언제나 그랬듯이 먼저 말을 걸어와 모든 가능성…

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Comments from YouTube:

Marina Pak

This MV is literally "when you play with Windows Movie Maker for the first time"



Popcorn Ale

i dont think so, they can save a lot of money by doing it that way

Chibi King

@Popcorn Ale well-done computer technology costs a lot, though, so their videos can still be considered high-budget in spite of them not being actual recordings.

Popcorn Ale

SM doesnt not really use high budget music videos, in fact* most of kpop videos are low budget they use technology to do most of their stuff

Chibi King

@Popcorn Ale SM was still able to make high-budget music videos back in the day, so there really is no excuse for this joke.

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Mr. Alpaca

omg this is literally a slide show

Jongin Is Holy

Alexandra M ME TOO OMG 😂



Mr. Alpaca

DareDB Thank you for this lol, now it has more views

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