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박진영 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 박진영:

No Love No More 이만하면 이제 깨달아야 돼 다시 한 번 또 다치기 전에 사랑한단 말…

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Jessica Zhang

as everyone knows JYPE is a company who only has girl groups and 1 man artist who's jyp.

can't understand why a leader wants a boy group under his own company passes like a meteor.

if he wanted a group in other company i'll understand because they are opponent.


jyp,you have to understand that your boy groups are winning a lot of money mostly for you!

they are not your opponents,but they are your workers!

be more intelligent


I hate myself. I clicked this video thinking this was a reaction compilation, not realizing that it was the actual mv. I got played.

On the bright side: I got to watch the mv again, two years later! I've actually forgotten this exists

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Laila Abdulking

He wanted to become a trainee in SM Ent but was rejected. Now he's the CEO of JYP Ent.


Seeing how mistreats and constantly views his male artists as a competition , it feels like he might not have gotten over it.

Katie Madison

I know a lot of people make a joke out of this but it kinda gets you thinking how a lot of VERY TALENTED people are rejected just because of their appearance. Sad.

Ice Queen

He's the co-ceo now and the ownership ofc

Jia Pia

ᴄᴄᴀʀʟᴀᴀ.ᴍ but that’s not the same thing...he’s a producer doing what he loves. Of course he is the major shareholder because he founded the company. The ceo of JYP is Jung Wook.

Babaha Babaha

AJ 1998 The ones he entrusted with management are A MESS ( TWICE overworked, Day6 Jay's 'misunderstanding', the thing that happened back at Eclipse era ( got7) where they didn't tell us the concert and album date 'till the last minute and still canceled 2 concerts at Singapore n another country, + the number of Stalkers and Sasaeng that hover around JYPE's idols is worrying.)

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Damn, I'd be disappointed too if I met him at a fan meeting instead of GOT7
:After seeing how he mistreated them (they left JYPE TT)

Uriel Design

The joke of the video is literally him trying to impress young girls with his achievements while all of them look at him like the weird old dude he is

Raka Roko

Brooo he's not the CEO anymore and he just the biggest stock holder in jype

Mango Vasco

@Luong Nguyen he indeed is the founder, but he isn't the CEO. They are totally different positions.

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