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방탄소년단 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 방탄소년단:

BTS "이름, 이름!" sorry bae "발음, 발음!" sorry bae "딕션, 딕션, 딕션!" sorry…
BTS Cypher 4 "이름, 이름!" sorry bae "발음, 발음!" sorry bae "딕션, 딕션, 딕션!" sorry…
COME BACK HOME 'Cause I'm coming back home 난 지금 무엇을 찾으려고 애를 쓰는…
Fly To My Room 떠나볼까 let me fly to my 시선을 낮추고 어디든 막 zoom 지금…
I NEED U Fall (everything), fall (everything) Fall (everything) 흩어지네 …
No More Dream 얌마 니 꿈은 뭐니 (뭐니) 얌마 니 꿈은 뭐니 (뭐니) 얌마 니…
Save Me 난 숨쉬고 싶어 이 밤이 싫어 이젠 깨고 싶어 꿈속이 싫어 내…
Spine Breaker (왜 울어 왜 울어) (La la la la la la la…
We Are Bulletproof PT.2 (What) 이리 내놔 (What) 긴장해 다 (What) 끝판대장 (What) We are bulletpr…
고엽 떨어져 날리는 저기 낙엽처럼 힘없이 스러져만 가 내 사랑이 니 맘이 멀어져만…
상남자 되고파 너의 오빠 너의 사랑이 난 너무 고파 되고파 너의 오빠 널 갖고…
피 땀 눈물 내 피 땀 눈물 내 마지막 춤을 다 가져가 가 내 피 땀…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Claudia Paulina

This MV is a tribute to the sewol ferry tragedy (the boys represent the survivors of the tragedy)
0:29-V is feeling survivors's guilt(the guilt of having survived while his friends have passed)he feel like committing suicide
0:40- JK is also a survivor , thinking about his lost friends
0:46- JIMIN even goes back to the sea to reminisce
0:56- Those suitcases and clothes are all the student's who went on their trip but never came back
1:02- RAP MONSTER represents someone walking to confront injustice (as the tragedy wasn't handled well)
1:27- He is attacked by people who would not let the rebels through.Although it looks like a fun scene it's actually not
1:41- JIN is stuck at the bottom unable to go up with them
1:47- the rusty merry-go-round represents a loss of childhood
2:00-2:16- the next few scenes are basically the survivors going about with their regular lives, having fun
3:13- the yellow ribbon behind JK are similar to sewol ferry yellow ribbon campaign
3:30-here JK too runs forward to seeking justice
3:49- this symbolises what's gone is gone and done.The dead will not come back to life
4:43- JIMIN calls us with him to seek justice
4:50-the survivors feel free and liberated
5:07-the tree represents the hope
5:20- shoes are hung on trees to commemorate the dead
(I got this info from youtube channels with some of my observations)

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Жазира Алибаева

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kalvin thalia

Let's gooooi..podemosss.

doaa gamal

가자 아미들 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Chandra Hamal


Asla pes etmeyen Türk ARMY

Fighting Amiiiiii

Layan M

+ film out 100ml

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Elvisa Sahiti

Fact: Everybody who listen this song is crying in the end

Keka Mirza


Mis Zyy

@Crystal Well i guess you can say that but i just saw it on social media and tried searching for it.


@Mis Zyy What documentary? And Wait so its just an assumption its talking about the accident?

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