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루비:슬픈 눈물
핑클 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 핑클:

Blue Rain 어딜 가면 볼 수 있는지 (yeah yeah yeah) 알고 있어도 나…
내 남자 친구에게 One, two, three, yeah Now it's summer time (?) Now what? Woo…
영원한 사랑 이젠 내 사랑이 되어줘 내 모든 걸 너에게 기대고 싶어 언제나 날…
화이트 너도 오늘만은 기억하고 있겠지 벌써 만난 지도 일 년이 됐어 우리 그때보다…

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Comments from YouTube:

Ahmad Ryan Hanafi

One of My fav song of Fin.K.L

MO Sic*N*Flow MUAS Yaj

Good O Kpop, this is when I first got into kpop it was a different vibe feeling

Shrutha Keerthi

Isn't it funny how Joohyun got the most lines and had the best voice but was the least popular back then? Anyways support all the members!


@ken p My family hosted a Korean exchange student before. She did say Hyori, then Lee Jin with Yuri coming close to second and then Joohyun. Even if you watch their reunion all the comments still today are only about Hyori

Shrutha Keerthi

@ken p I wasn't really in Korea but overseas, so idrk. I remember all the Korean boys batshit going crazy over Hyori (and S.E.S.'s Eugene), trading posters and shit. Lee Jin was realy popular for her charms and her wit. But I can imagine Yuri being most popular in Korea because she was the official "visual" and was pitted against Eugene a lot. Overseas, Yuri was deffo popular but kinda underrated, she was just "that cute maknae girl" idk. Joohyun was least talked about, people just acknowledged her existence eventhough she hard carried the vocals.

ken p

@Shrutha Keerthi really??? I thought yuri was the most popular

Shrutha Keerthi

@ken p Hyori was, Lee Jin was also up there.

ken p

Who was the most popular?

Skep Ical

sooo gooodT.T


루비 단발이진 레전드 시절...

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