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Hello Friend
(FLAC) Chris Rea Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Hello Friend' by these artists:

Chloe x Halle Hi-hi Hi-hi Hi-hi Hi-hi Hi-hi Hi friend how are you? …
Chris Rea Hello friend, where you been so long? Time goes by, so…
Mother Goose Club Hello friend, hello friend, It's nice to see you again. Can …

We have lyrics for these tracks by (FLAC) Chris Rea:

Ain't Going Down This Way I see the morning light - come screaming through my…
Ride On I got something in my pocket that makes it hard…
Sun Is Rising Strange room - In a cold cold city I got to…
When the Good Lord Talked To Jesus See me moving without warning. Fast as mt legs can run And…

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Comments from YouTube:

Merlene Spies

Such a Masterpiece.

Helge Bremer

100% agree with you. 👍

Ann Painter

I just love this song........ can't beat Chris Rea for fab. songs.

Emin R.

This song is part of my life

Emin R.

On the beach = 1986 ---is absolute top of Chris' career. Unique album, magnificant songs one better than other. Love it so much!!!

Toppinjm Toppinjm


Juan Talaya Milla

lo que me gusta mucho de Chris es que en todas sus melodias hay un grado de melancolia y nostalgia, realmente melodias preciosas, tanto la musica como su voz, francamente te llegan a los que somos sensibles.

stu owens

One word says it all "CLASS"


unique, the voice, the music and lyrics...


I thought of two of the finest and best friends I had or will ever have in this life, although the winds of a Spring day took them away I always think of them.
Thank you Rea for writing your little gem of a song....
Gracias Amigo

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