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(FLAC) Chris Rea Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by (FLAC) Chris Rea:

Ain't Going Down This Way I see the morning light - come screaming through my…
Ride On I got something in my pocket that makes it hard…
Sun Is Rising Strange room - In a cold cold city I got to…
When the Good Lord Talked To Jesus See me moving without warning. Fast as mt legs can run And…

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Comments from YouTube:


Best SC2 cinematic ever. Which seems impossible, because they've all been awesome. The final scene hits me in the feels every time.

Deangelo Mack

Pro tip : watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching loads of movies lately.

Michael Gabbard

@Sofa King Lucky 00000000pppppppp

Timothy Bucci

@Lê Thanh Hiệp It's the music.


Sorry. Best cinematic will always be the Amerigo one.

Minimal Grammar

This is really good, but don't forget about the Zeratul ones. (You know which ones. I'm not specifying because spoilers.)

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5 years later and this video still gives me chills.

Resonance J



6 y later and still gives me chills

Falcom Br

@winicz ??? the gameplay is fantastic

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