52 Seconds
-Bad Religion Lyrics

I know I'm part of something greater than myself
Don't know the meaning, but I hope that matters less
I don't know anyone affected without a skill
I know I'm part of something greater than myself

We're all engaging in a game of attrition
Maybe God is just a chemical fiction

I'm a monkey with a madding affliction
Fact checking for a mental condition

I know I'm part of something greater than myself
Don't know the meaning, but I hope that matters less
I don't know anyone affected without a skill
I know I'm part of something greater than myself

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SonicHedge Hog

@marcusthejoodasmacker In the well known Purusha Sukta which is found in all the four Vedas it describes the origin of the world and society. It says that society is like a person with four functions. Brahmins originate from the mouth of the society in the form of a person (purusha) i.e. they are the teachers and instructors. The Kshatriyas arise from the arms i.e. the protectors and managers, the Vaishyas arise from the thighs - i.e. the merchants and entrepreneurs and the Sudras from the feet i.e. the farmers, artisans, tradesmen, workers etc.

Most neo-marxist leftists howl in outrage and immediately draw the conclusion that the Sudras are denigrated by being compared to the feet of society. But just think for a moment. The physiology of the human body is such that movement is essential to our existence. If one stops moving, one dies. The Sudras are the very life force sustaining the society - without their labor and contribution - society dies!

In Vaishnava culture the two white lines drawn on the forehead represent the FEET of lord Vishnu. When we want to honour elders to significant persons what do we do? We touch their FEET. When we wish to worship the guru we place his/her sandals on the altar. The Purusha Sukta does not evaluate the worth of the four divisions of society, it only enumerates them. Being four aspects of the ONE body it indicates that they should all work together for the benefit of the society in its entirety.

According to the Veda they are like four experts sitting around a table not an hierarchy. They are the four essential economic divisions of any society or industry. The best example of how this works in reality is to take the IT industry in which it seems most Indians are employed :-)

The innovators and designers are the Brahmins. The systems security geeks are the Kshatriyas. The marketers and merchandisers are the Vaishyas, the computer builders, sellers, distributors, drivers etc. are the Sudras. Now there is an hierarchy of financial remuneration but what is the hierarchy of value? What happens if all the Sudras go on strike? The entire business comes to a literal standstill. All the other 3 functionaries can go on strike and the company will still make money!

The problems associated with this arrangement are universal — arrogance, hubris, discrimination, inequality, oppression, exploitation, coercion etc. - all of which are common to every society and indeed every human being. They are not unique to the caste-system. If they were then there would be no social-justice warriors anywhere except in India. Just wind back and read about the treatment of the working class and the poor in Victorian England and the theories of Marx - all based on European social conditions!

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Moral of the vedio: Earth is not flat.


@Renuka Sharma urvashi dancer
Is it man made hinduism 🤮

Alpha SA

@LEON BLACK or there is anything after death

Indian Buddhist

@Andrew 0.0 don't believe in any marry believe in Buddha


Before 3000 years ago,,,
Only Hindu Empire in world 🕉️🔱
🇮🇳 Hindu Is legend,,,🚩🚩
🔱 Legend Don't die 🚩🚩
🔱Hindutva Power ⚔️
🕉️Hindu Father or Islam

Prasanjit share


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امين الرحمن

I'm a Indian Muslim love and respect all religions 🖤


@Beluga lite Your confusing the average Muslim with fake, extremists.

Ahmed Mustafa

@Beluga lite beluga has caused you to lose braincells

Beluga lite

@Ahmed Mustafa lamo***

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