Before You Die
-Bad Religion Lyrics

Porcelain and alabaster decaying ever faster
Unaware of imminent disaster - open up your eyes

As you ruminate the hopeless sands of time
Did you wander out your days lost and resigned
Or recreate the universals in your mind?

Everybody is a bastard
My world is like plaster
Crumbling apart from pressure by the blaster, waiting for a sign

And the momentary pleasures take their turn
As a wistful boy runs out of things to learn
The episodes of yore are never to return

Scare up some hope - you're gonna need it just to cope
You are the decision, numbers don't lie
When you bite the dust, was it for purpose or for trust?
You'll never relive it; think before you die
Yeah, think, think before you die

Deficit and deprivation in the wake of desperation
Rewrite the morals, rectify the nation
Now may be your time

As you ruminate the hopeless sands of time
Do you wonder how your life has been defined?
You know eternity can't ever change your mind
You know eternity can't ever change your mind

So think, think before you die
Whoa, think, think before you die

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I am only 3 minutes in and already I know this is gonna be good. Over the last few weeks I myself have felt like I went through a death and rebirth. The me that I was before is no more, what I am left with is the quintessence of myself. The wholly pure vessel is open to learning and understanding everything the world has to offer.

And I fully agree with the sentiment that one can't quite learn this great wisdom in the sense that it can't be expressed in words. When one is truly ingrained in the moment, has fully allowed all the random thoughts to play out, and finally when you are fully alert and aware of every single sound and vibration around you. That is when you are truly there, that is when you are truly you. You aren't talking about whatever the massive machine of flesh is proliferating at this moment (by that I mean you aren't caring what the rest of the world, the rest of your fellow man, etc thinks).

I'm about to hit play on the video but I have a feeling that there will be things such as being able to feel the energy around you. By that I mean the fact that you can feel the warmth of other creatures and feel their presence even when they aren't there. Like for instance when one is in a place that normally has people and there aren't any people there you can feel an underlying feeling of the traffic which came through. In a way the very resonance of the material you walk on betrays the passage of other souls.

Edit: I should note that while I have not consumed any psychedelics in the last 2 years. I used to grow mushrooms myself and used to trip on LSD before that. I hit a point with the mushrooms where I felt as though they had taught me all they had to teach. If I ever decide to grow cubes again I still do not know if I would take them again. Not for fear of what I may experience but out of respect. I can manifest some of the best features of the psilocybin high now without the influence of drugs. For me things like the fact that it would draw attention to all the things I had been ignoring, feeling a connectedness to all my fellow humans, and being fully in the present. Because I can manifest all those now as good habits, I feel that I'm in a wonderful state right now and have no need for psychedelics.

I will say that the thing that really sealed the deal for me was 2 fold. Starting meditating and exercising often. Became a Buddhist, started meditating for that purpose originally and started counting my exercises like prayers. After a while I got to the point I could meditate anywhere and didn't have the need for incense and reciting prayers to achieve that state. I also just started doing my workouts as a proper routine due to originally viewing it like prayers, and then I took that restriction off and allowed myself to fully enjoy the workouts. Especially by reaching that mental state where you have no care for what the world things of you, you get fully immersed in whatever activity you do.

Thomas Pieters

@jedmorf , @Gaf Fatsy, @Ace and to myself..:-)
We are, so it seems, so close to the reality of it, but every now and then we seem to take an easy route, and will not 'see' the fact as is presented to us..
It would be useless, if any of us describes the fact of it, when he was able to experience it..
It then becomes a story, played out with some personal enhancements and not the fact itself.., which is why the listener of it, cannot repeat the fact.
That's why, those who did left his personal memories and ideas aside, where able to step in to.. this great unknown.
We, are the programmed minds of us.., which made the idea of 'me' much stronger then ever before, our schooling and our loved ones were not able to 'see' themselves..( without the selfishness which was their 'me') and if so.. always partially.
This is our history, it has been so for thousands of years.
And looking around us, or better, looking into ourselves, we might notice the sturdy downfall of what we may call, the brilliance of the human sensitivity without the use of his egocentric working brain!
And the more we study, the more effort is made by yourself, the more time you've infested in the knowledge..( and because of that ignorance appears)
How hard is it to find out, that knowledge however much, never brings forth intelligence of Truth.
Yes, yes, our own truth...but that isn't intelligent.( it isn't whole..but a little part..)
Because the source is always the studied me, don't you think?
Everything we think, is actually based on our 'ego', it is the centre of everything I do..
And..we shouldn't fight it..
Fighting the results is a stupid thing.
Fighting the results of your own brain does not work, it makes us: a marionette, a prisoner of our own wish.
Fighting the ego, means the ego makes a new one, because your brain is always first..and quicker then you as it thinks it is you.:-)
There isn't a key.
Every key is a route, a way, a systematic idea, and Life (or Love if you like) does never repeat, not even a single moment.
Because it is always new..never old and never used.
Our memory is old..and will not give you the New.( So, people start to meditate.., to let go of the brain)
But the will to meditate comes from the brain..(so, it will take ages and does not help)
Many people speak of the death of the ego.., as it looks like it, but speaking about the death of your ego, IS the ego presenting it! :-)
Our ego IS our consious thought AND our un-conscious thought, because it comes from the memory, all of it.
There seems to be: always a third personality in between you and you're experiences.
There is for ever an Ego coloring the thing I see.
That is probably why some of the 'seeners' mentioned to us, to BE ALONE..
As: there is no way or key, but we have to 'be alone'..nothing is important enough to sit in between you and the Life( not naming it is better)
No drink, no pil, no specialist, no beliefs, no guru, no priest, no book, no idea, no values, no wishes, no friends, no profession, no time, no...' ME'..
And that is very hard to do, but also very simple.

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After Skool

"The only way to know God is to experience God. And the only way to experience God is to unlearn everything the ego has been trying so vigorously to manufacture since our infancy." - Brian C. Muraresku

If you are interested to learn more about this ancient mystery, Brian's book, The Immortality Key , is a fantastic, well-researched exploration into the secret religion with no name.

And if you like this animation and want to see more, please consider supporting After Skool on Patreon. Thank you!

Donald King

Your god and your ego are the same thing. Invisible man in the sky promissing real estate using his own son as a scapegoat? Blood cults are so creepy.


Ego death is a must! I always say you have to die but not physically but mentally yes. The ego is going to die! Forget everything you know and relearn it all back plus what you never did! Philosophy is life! Y read one or two when there so many to learn from.

Ruben Verheij

The meaning of life?

Give life meaning! :)

Bear Soetero

@bryphi77 Exactly! Good points... and not to forget to the biggest downfall of humans: Believing in the authority of a human govern ment.


Which music is on the background? Would be great for medidation. Thank you

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ICEcold JT

6 Guidelines of Life
1. When you are alone, mind your thoughts
2. When you are with friends, mind your tongue
3. When you are angry, mind your temper
4. When you are with a group, mind your behavior
5. When you are in trouble, mind your emotions
6. When God starts blessing you, mind your ego


And of course, I do all these things wrong

Truly Human

I love this


That's good guidelines 🙂

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